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dc.contributor.advisorDholakia, Kishan
dc.contributor.authorLee, Woei Ming
dc.description.abstractThe two main themes in this thesis are the implementation of interference methods with optically trapped particles for measurements of position and optical phase (optical interferometric metrology) and the optical manipulation of nanoparticles for studies in the assembly of nanostructures, nanoscale heating and nonlinear optics (nanophotonics). The first part of the thesis (chapter 1, 2) provides an introductory overview to optical trapping and describes the basic experimental instrument used in the thesis respectively. The second part of the thesis (chapters 3 to 5) investigates the use of optical interferometric patterns of the diffracting light fields from optically trapped microparticles for three types of measurements: calibrating particle positions in an optical trap, determining the stiffness of an optical trap and measuring the change in phase or coherence of a given light field. The third part of the thesis (chapters 6 to 8) studies the interactions between optical traps and nanoparticles in three separate experiments: the optical manipulation of dielectric enhanced semiconductor nanoparticles, heating of optically trapped gold nanoparticles and collective optical response from an ensemble of optically trapped dielectric nanoparticles.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of St Andrews
dc.subjectOptical trappingen_US
dc.subjectInterferometric metrologyen_US
dc.subjectOptical force spectroscopyen_US
dc.subjectFluorescence microscopy imagingen_US
dc.subjectNanoparticle-cell interactionen_US
dc.subjectOptical nonlinearityen_US
dc.subjectWavefront engineeringen_US
dc.subject.lcshOptical tweezersen_US
dc.subject.lcshLaser interferometryen_US
dc.titleOptical trapping: optical interferometric metrology and nanophotonicsen_US
dc.type.qualificationnamePhD Doctor of Philosophyen_US
dc.publisher.institutionThe University of St Andrewsen_US

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