The Scottish Oceans Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute studying the marine environment which forms a key focus for research excellence in marine-related science. Our research interests range from the deep oceans to the coasts, and from the people who use and interact with the sea, to the biological and physical processes that make the oceans function.

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Recent Submissions

  • The development of adaptive conformity in young children : effects of uncertainty and consensus 

    Morgan, T.J.; Laland, K.N.; Harris, P.L. (2015-07) - Journal article
    Human culture relies on extensive use of social transmission, which must be integrated with independently acquired (i.e. asocial) information for effective decision-making. Formal evolutionary theory predicts that natural ...
  • The interaction between two oppositely travelling, horizontally offset, antisymmetric quasi-geostrophic hetons 

    Reinaud, Jean Noel; Carton, Xavier (2016-05) - Journal article
    We investigate numerically the nonlinear interactions between hetons. Hetons are baroclinic structures consisting of two vortices of opposite sign lying at different depths. Hetons are long-lived. They most often translate ...
  • DNA methylation and sex allocation in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis 

    Cook, Nicola; Pannebakker, Bart; Tauber, Eran; Shuker, David Michael (2015-10) - Journal article
    The role of epigenetics in the control and evolution of behavior is being increasingly recognized. Here we test whether DNA methylation influences patterns of adaptive sex allocation in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis. ...
  • Tectonics and crustal evolution 

    Hawkesworth, Chris J.; Cawood, Peter A.; Dhuime, Bruno (2016-09-01) - Journal article
    The continental crust is the archive of Earth's history. Its rock units record events that are heterogeneous in time with distinctive peaks and troughs of ages for igneous crystallization, metamorphism, continental margins, ...
  • MLCut : exploring Multi-Level Cuts in dendrograms for biological data 

    Vogogias, Athanasios; Kennedy, Jessie; Archaumbault, Daniel; Smith, Victoria Anne; Currant, Hannah (Eurographics Association, 2016-09-16) - Conference item
    Choosing a single similarity threshold for cutting dendrograms is not sufficient for performing hierarchical clustering analysis of heterogeneous data sets. In addition, alternative automated or semi-automated methods that ...

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