The Scottish Oceans Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute studying the marine environment which forms a key focus for research excellence in marine-related science. Our research interests range from the deep oceans to the coasts, and from the people who use and interact with the sea, to the biological and physical processes that make the oceans function.

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Recent Submissions

  • Time-resolved optically stimulated luminescence and spectral emission features of α-Al2O3:C 

    Chithambo, M.L.; Nyirenda, A.N.; Finch, A.A.; Rawat, N.S. (2015) - Journal article
    Abstract This report is concerned with the influence of measurement temperature on luminescence lifetime and on the spectral emission features of luminescence from α-Al2O3:C. The lifetimes were determined from time-resolved ...
  • Circumpolar habitat use in the southern elephant seal: implications for foraging success and population trajectories 

    Hindell, Mark A.; McMahon, Clive R.; Bester, Marthán N.; Boehme, Lars; Costa, Daniel; Fedak, Mike; Guinet, Christophe; Herraiz-Borreguero, Laura; Harcourt, Robert G.; Huckstadt, Luis; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lydersen, Christian; McInytre, Trevor; Muelbert, Monica; Roquet, Fabien; Williams, Guy; Charrassin, Jean-Benoit (2016-05-26) - Journal article
    In the Southern Ocean, wide-ranging predators offer the opportunity to quantify how animals respond to differences in the environment because their behavior and population trends are an integrated signal of prevailing ...
  • 50-Year Anniversary of Papers by Cormack, Jolly and Seber 

    Buckland, Stephen Terrence; Morgan, Byron J T (2016-05) - Journal item
  • A conversation with Richard M. Cormack 

    Buckland, Stephen Terrence (2016-05) - Journal article
    Richard Melville Cormack is one of the giants who developed the theory of mark-recapture. Referring to his key paper in 1964, and the papers published back-to-back in 1965 by George Jolly and George Seber, the `Cormack-Jolly-Seber ...
  • Avoidance of wind farms by harbour seals is limited to pile driving activities 

    Russell, Deborah Jill; Hastie, Gordon Drummond; Thompson, David; Janik, Vincent M.; Hammond, Philip Steven; Scott-Hayward, Lindesay Alexandra Sarah; Matthiopoulos, Jason; Jones, Esther Lane; McConnell, Bernie J (2016-05-23) - Journal article
    1. As part of global efforts to reduce dependence on carbon-based energy sources there has been a rapid increase in the installation of renewable energy devices. The installation and operation of these devices can result ...

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