The Scottish Oceans Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute studying the marine environment which forms a key focus for research excellence in marine-related science. Our research interests range from the deep oceans to the coasts, and from the people who use and interact with the sea, to the biological and physical processes that make the oceans function.

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  • The fitness effects of a pale mutant in the aposematic seed bug Lygaeus simulans indicate pleiotropy between warning coloration and life history 

    Balfour, Vicki L.; Aumont, Cédric; Dougherty, Liam R.; Shuker, David M. (2018-12-04) - Journal article
    Conspicuous warning colors that signal chemical or other defenses are common in the natural world. For instance, such aposematic warning patterns of red-and-black or yellow-and-black are common among insect taxa, particularly ...
  • Fenites associated with carbonatite complexes : a review 

    Elliott, H. A. L.; Wall, F.; Chakhmouradian, A. R.; Siegfried, P. R.; Dahlgren, S.; Weatherley, S.; Finch, A. A.; Marks, M. A. W.; Dowman, E.; Deady, E. (2018-02) - Journal item
    Carbonatites and alkaline-silicate rocks are the most important sources of rare earth elements (REE) and niobium (Nb), both of which are metals imperative to technological advancement and associated with high risks of ...
  • Sperm blocking is not a male adaptation to sperm competition in a parasitoid wasp 

    Boulton, Rebecca A; Cook, Nicola; Green, Jade; Greenway, Elisabeth Virginia; Shuker, David Michael (2018-01-13) - Journal article
    The extent to which sperm or ejaculate-derived products from different males interact during sperm competition—from kamikaze sperm to sperm incapacitation—remains controversial. Repeated matings in the parasitoid wasp ...
  • BayesPiles : visualisation support for Bayesian network structure learning 

    Vogogias, Athanasios; Kennedy, Jessie; Archambault, Daniel; Bach, Benjamin; Smith, V Anne; Currant, Hannah (2018-11) - Journal article
    We address the problem of exploring, combining, and comparing large collections of scored, directed networks for understanding inferred Bayesian networks used in biology. In this field, heuristic algorithms explore the ...
  • The merger of geophysical vortices at finite Rossby and Froude number 

    Reinaud, Jean N.; Dritschel, David G. (2018-08-10) - Journal article
    We investigate the merger of two co-rotating geophysical vortices at finite Rossby and Froude number.  The initial conditions consist of two uniform potential vorticity vortices in near equilibrium and in a near 'balanced' ...

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