The Scottish Oceans Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute studying the marine environment which forms a key focus for research excellence in marine-related science. Our research interests range from the deep oceans to the coasts, and from the people who use and interact with the sea, to the biological and physical processes that make the oceans function.

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  • A combined tree ring and vegetation model assessment of European forest growth sensitivity to interannual climate variability 

    Klesse, S.; Babst, F.; Lienert, S.; Spahni, R.; Joos, F.; Bouriaud, O.; Carrer, M.; Di Filippo, A.; Poulter, B.; Trotsiuk, V.; Wilson, R.; Frank, D. C. (2018-08-23) - Journal article
    The response of forest growth to climate variability varies along environmental gradients. A growth increase and decrease with warming is usually observed in cold‐humid and warm‐dry regions, respectively. However, it remains ...
  • Clicks of dwarf sperm whales (Kogia sima) 

    Merkens, Karlina; Mann, David; Janik, Vincent M.; Claridge, Diane; Hill, Marie; Oleson, Erin (2018-10-24) - Journal article
    The two species of the genus Kogia are widely distributed throughout the world's temperate and tropical oceans, but because they are small and highly cryptic, they are difficult to monitor. The acoustic signals of K. ...
  • Internal lee waves and baroclinic bores over a tropical seamount shark ‘hot-spot’ 

    Hosegood, Phil. J; Nimmo-Smith, W.A.M.; Proud, R.; Adams, Kate; Brierley, A. S. (2019-03) - Journal article
    Oceanographic observations were made with a subsurface oceanographic mooring over the summit and flanks of two neighbouring seamounts in the tropical Indian Ocean to identify processes that may be responsible for the ...
  • Seasonal differences in baseline innate immune function are better explained by environment than annual cycle stage in a year-round breeding tropical songbird 

    Nwaogu, Chima J.; Cresswell, Will; Versteegh, Maaike A.; Tieleman, B. Irene (2019-02-06) - Journal article
    1. Seasonal variation in innate immunity is often attributed to either temporal environmental variation or to life history trade-offs that arise from specific annual cycle stages but decoupling them is difficult in natural ...
  • Light sheet microscopy with acoustic sample confinement 

    Yang, Zhengyi; Cole, Katy L.H.; Qiu, Yongqiang; Somorjai, Ildiko Maureen Lara; Wijesinghe, Philip; Nylk, Jonathan; Cochran, Sandy; Spalding, Gabriel C.; Lyons, David A.; Dholakia, Kishan (2019-02-08) - Journal article
    Contactless sample confinement would enable a whole host of new studies in developmental biology and neuroscience, in particular, when combined with long-term, wide-field optical imaging. To achieve this goal, we demonstrate ...

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