The School of Chemistry at St Andrews has a long history of research achievement stretching back to 1811. Research activity and strength spans most of the key areas and interfaces in the chemical sciences. Graduates have access to state-of-the-art facilities within Chemistry and in the associated interdisciplinary research centres.

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Recent Submissions

  • Investigation of the relationship between the structure and conductivity of the novel oxide ionic conductor Ba3MoNbO8.5 

    Fop, Sacha; Wildman, Eve J.; Irvine, John T. S.; Connor, Paul A.; Skakle, Janet M. S.; Ritter, Clemens; McLaughlin, Abbie C. (2017-05-09) - Journal article
    A variable temperature neutron diffraction study of the novel oxide ion conductor Ba3MoNbO8.5 has been performed between 25 and 600 °C. Nonmonotonic behavior of the cell parameters, bond lengths, and angles are observed ...
  • Homochiral self-sorted and emissive IrIII metallo-cryptophanes 

    Pritchard, Victoria E.; Rota Martir, Diego; Oldknow, Samuel; Kai, Shumpei; Hiraoka, Shuichi; Cookson, Nikki J.; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Hardie, Michaele J. (2017-05-05) - Journal article
    The racemic ligands (±)-tris(isonicotinoyl)-cyclotriguaiacylene (L1), or (±)-tris(4-pyridyl-methyl)-cyclotriguaiacylene (L2) assemblewith racemic (Λ, Δ)- [Ir(ppy)2(MeCN)2]+, in which ppy = 2-phenylpyridinato to form ...
  • A highly active manganese catalyst for enantioselective ketone and ester hydrogenation 

    Widegren, Magnus B.; Harkness, Gavin J.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Cordes, David B.; Clarke, Matthew L. (2017-05-15) - Journal article
    A new hydrogenation catalyst based on a manganese complex of a chiral P,N,N ligand has been found to be especially active for the hydrogenation of esters down to 0.1 mol% catalyst loading, and gives up to 97% e.e. in the ...
  • Challenges in developing direct carbon fuel cells 

    Jiang, Cairong; Ma, Jianjun; Corre, Gael; Jain, Sneh L.; Irvine, John T. S. (2017-05-21) - Journal item
    A direct carbon fuel cell (DCFC) can produce electricity with both superior electrical efficiency and fuel utilisation compared to all other types of fuel cells. Although the first DCFC prototype was proposed in 1896, there ...
  • Integration of an active research data system with a data repository to streamline the research data lifecycle : Pure-NOMAD case study 

    Conte, Simone Ivan; Fina, Federica; Psalios, Michalis; Reyal, Shyam Mehraaj; Lebl, Tomas; Clements, Anna (2018-04-19) - Journal article
    Research funders have introduced requirements that expect researchers to properly manage and publicly share their research data, and expect institutions to put in place services to support researchers in meeting these ...

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