The School of Chemistry at St Andrews has a long history of research achievement stretching back to 1811. Research activity and strength spans most of the key areas and interfaces in the chemical sciences. Graduates have access to state-of-the-art facilities within Chemistry and in the associated interdisciplinary research centres.

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  • Expansion of the ADOR strategy for the synthesis of new zeolites : the synthesis of IPC-12 from zeolite UOV 

    Kasneryk, Valeryia; Shamzhy, Mariya; Opanasenko, Maksym; Wheatley, Paul S.; Morris, Samuel A.; Russell, Samantha E.; Mayoral, Alvaro; Trachta, Michal; Čejka, Jiří; Morris, Russell E. (2017-03-13) - Journal article
    The assembly-disassembly-organisation-reassembly (ADOR) process has been used to disassemble a parent zeolite with the UOV structure type and then reassemble the resulting layers into a novel structure, IPC-12. The structure ...
  • Unprecedented phase transition sequence in the perovskite Li0.2Na0.8NbO3 

    Dixon, Charlotte A. L.; McNulty, Jason A.; Huband, Steven; Thomas, Pamela A.; Lightfoot, Philip (2017-05) - Journal article
    We demonstrate the existence of a novel phase transition sequence in the perovskite Li0.2Na0.8NbO3 at elevated temperature. The rare Glazer tilt system, a+a+c-, is observed in both polar and centrosymmetric polymorphs. The ...
  • Enhancing CO2 electrolysis through synergistic control of non-stoichiometry and doping to tune cathode surface structures 

    Ye, Lingting; Zhang, Minyi; Huang, Ping; Guo, Guocong; Hong, Maochun; Li, Chunsen; Irvine, John T. S.; Xie, Kui (2017-03-16) - Journal article
    Sustainable future energy scenarios require significant efficiency improvements in both electricity generation and storage. High-temperature solid oxide cells, and in particular carbon dioxide electrolysers, afford chemical ...
  • Tracking the evolution of function in diverse enzyme superfamilies 

    Alderson, Rosanna Grace (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-22) - Thesis
    Tracking the evolution of function in enzyme superfamilies is key in understanding how important biological functions and mechanisms have evolved. New genes are being sequenced at a rate that far surpasses the ability of ...
  • Targeted synthesis of two super-complex zeolites with embedded isoreticular structures 

    Shin, Jiho; Xu, Hongyi; Seo, Seungwan; Guo, Peng; Min, Jung Gi; Cho, Jung; Wright, Paul Anthony; Zou, Diaodong; Hong, Suk Bong (2016-03-16) - Journal article
    A novel structural coding approach combining structure solution, prediction, and the targeted synthesis of new zeolites with expanding complexity and embedded isoreticular structures was recently proposed. Using this ...

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