Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches have been central to the continued success of medical research in St Andrews. Internationally recognised research programmes in various aspects of molecular medicine, psychology and community health sciences are currently being promoted and extended. Our research themes include: Medical Photonics; Molecular Biology, encompassing Infection, Genomics, and Cell Signalling; and People and Populations, encompassing Health Psychology, Violence Reduction, and Child and Adolescent Health.

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Recent Submissions

  • Heat-inactivation renders sputum safe and preserves Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA for downstream molecular tests 

    Sabiiti, Wilber; Azam, Khalide; Esmeraldo, Ezembro; Bhatt, Nilesh; Rachow, Andrea; Gillespie, Stephen H. (2019-02-06) - Journal article
    The World Health Organization End tuberculosis (TB) strategy has called for development of- and increased access to- effective tools for diagnosis and treatment of TB disease. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the causative ...
  • Genome-wide association scan identifies new variants associated with a cognitive predictor of dyslexia 

    Gialluisi, Alessandro; Andlauer, Till F. M.; Mirza-schreiber, Nazanin; Moll, Kristina; Becker, Jessica; Hoffmann, Per; Ludwig, Kerstin U.; Czamara, Darina; St Pourcain, Beate; Brandler, William; Honbolygó, Ferenc; Tóth, Dénes; Csépe, Valéria; Huguet, Guillaume; Morris, Andrew P.; Hulslander, Jacqueline; Willcutt, Erik G.; Defries, John C.; Olson, Richard K.; Smith, Shelley D.; Pennington, Bruce F.; Vaessen, Anniek; Maurer, Urs; Lyytinen, Heikki; Peyrard-janvid, Myriam; Leppänen, Paavo H. T.; Brandeis, Daniel; Bonte, Milene; Stein, John F.; Talcott, Joel B.; Fauchereau, Fabien; Wilcke, Arndt; Francks, Clyde; Bourgeron, Thomas; Monaco, Anthony P.; Ramus, Franck; Landerl, Karin; Kere, Juha; Scerri, Thomas S.; Paracchini, Silvia; Fisher, Simon E.; Schumacher, Johannes; Nöthen, Markus M.; Müller-myhsok, Bertram; Schulte-körne, Gerd (2019-02-11) - Journal article
    Developmental dyslexia (DD) is one of the most prevalent learning disorders, with high impact on school and psychosocial development and high comorbidity with conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), ...
  • Incidence of idiopathic intracranial hypertension in Fife 

    Goudie, Colin; Burr, Jennifer; Blaikie, Andrew (2018-11-05) - Journal article
    Background and aims: Idiopathic intracranial hypertension is a clinical syndrome of intracranial hypertension with normal cerebrospinal fluid in the absence of a mass lesion or hydrocephalus on brain imaging. Headache is ...
  • Translational biology of nematode effectors. Or, to put it another way, functional analysis of effectors – what’s the point? 

    Mantelin, Sophie; Thorpe, Peter; Jones, John T. (2017) - Journal article
    There has been a huge amount of work put into identifying and characterising effectors from plant-parasitic nematodes in recent years. Although this work has provided insights into the mechanisms by which nematodes can ...
  • Informatics for Health 2017 : advancing both science and practice 

    Scott, Philip J.; Cornet, Ronald; McCowan, Colin; Peek, Niels; Fraccaro, Paolo; Geifman, Nophar; Gude, Wouter T.; Hulme, William; Martin, Glen P.; Williams, Richard (2017-04-24) - Journal article
    Introduction : The Informatics for Health congress, 24-26 April 2017, in Manchester, UK, brought together the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) conference and the Farr Institute International Conference. This special issue ...

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