The Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences is an interdisciplinary community of researchers who study the behaviour of human beings and other animals from cellular, neural, cognitive and evolutionary perspectives. The Institute brings together faculty members, research staff and students from the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Medicine and Chemistry, with the aim of fostering progress at interfaces of the behavioural and neural sciences.

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Recent Submissions

  • Skill learning and the evolution of social learning mechanisms 

    van der Post, Daniel J.; Franz, Mathias; Laland, Kevin Neville (2016-08-24) - Journal article
    Background. Social learning is potentially advantageous, but evolutionary theory predicts that (i) its benefits may be self-limiting because social learning can lead to information parasitism, and (ii) these limitations ...
  • Eye fixation during multiple object attention is based on a representation of discrete spatial foci 

    Fluharty, Meg; Jentzsch, Ines; Spitschan, Manuel; Vishwanath, Dhanraj (2016-08-26) - Journal article
    We often look at and attend to several objects at once. How the brain determines where to point our eyes when we do this is poorly understood. Here we devised a novel paradigm to discriminate between different models of ...
  • Vocal correlates of individual sooty mangabey travel speed and direction 

    Neumann, Christof; Zuberbühler, Klaus (2016-07-28) - Journal article
    Many group-living animals coordinate movements with acoustic signals, but so far most studies have focused on how group movements are initiated. In this study, we investigated movement patterns of wild sooty mangabeys ...
  • Measuring temporal turnover in ecological communities 

    Shimadzu, Hideyasu; Dornelas, Maria; Magurran, Anne (2015) - Journal article
    1.Range migrations in response to climate change, invasive species and the emergence of novel ecosystems highlight the importance of temporal turnover in community composition as a fundamental part of global change in the ...
  • Women’s facial redness increases their perceived attractiveness : mediation through perceived healthiness 

    Pazda, Adam D.; Thorstenson, Christopher A.; Elliot, Andrew J.; Perrett, David I. (2016-07-01) - Journal article
    In the present research, we investigated whether the red-attraction relation that has been observed for men viewing women may also be observed with regard to women’s facial redness. We manipulated facial redness by slightly ...

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