The Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences is an interdisciplinary community of researchers who study the behaviour of human beings and other animals from cellular, neural, cognitive and evolutionary perspectives. The Institute brings together faculty members, research staff and students from the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Medicine and Chemistry, with the aim of fostering progress at interfaces of the behavioural and neural sciences.

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  • Kin-based cultural transmission of tool use in wild chimpanzees 

    Lamon, Noemie; Neumann, Christof; Gruber, Thibaud; Zuberbühler, Klaus (2017-04-26) - Journal article
    Current research on animal culture has focused strongly on cataloging the diversity of socially transmitted behaviors and on the social learning mechanisms that sustain their spread. Comparably less is known about the ...
  • Identifying consistent allele frequency differences in studies of stratified populations 

    Wiberg, R. Axel W.; Gaggiotti, Oscar E.; Morrissey, Michael B.; Ritchie, Michael G. (2017-06-15) - Journal article
    1. With increasing application of pooled-sequencing approaches to population genomics robust methods are needed to accurately quantify allele frequency differences between populations. Identifying consistent differences ...
  • Predation pressure shapes brain anatomy in the wild 

    Kotrschal, Alexander; Deacon, Amy E.; Magurran, Anne E.; Kolm, Niclas (2017-05-12) - Journal article
    There is remarkable diversity in brain anatomy among vertebrates and evidence is accumulating that predatory interactions are crucially important for this diversity. To test this hypothesis, we collected female guppies ...
  • Can females choose to avoid mating failure in the seed bug Lygaeus simulans? 

    Greenway, E. V. (Ginny); Balfour, Vicki L.; Shuker, David M. (2017-07) - Journal article
    It is becoming increasingly clear that copulation does not necessarily always lead to offspring production in many organisms, despite fertilization success presumably being under both strong natural and sexual selection. ...
  • Evaluating detectability of freshwater fish assemblages in tropical streams : is hand-seining sufficient? 

    Deacon, A.; Mahabir, Rajindra; Inderlall, Devan; Ramnarine, Indar W.; Magurran, Anne E. (2017-07) - Journal article
    Unprecedented threats to natural ecosystems mean that accurate quantification of biodiversity is a priority, particularly in the tropics which are underrepresented in monitoring schemes. Data from a freshwater fish assemblage ...

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