The Institute of Behavioural and Neural Sciences is an interdisciplinary community of researchers who study the behaviour of human beings and other animals from cellular, neural, cognitive and evolutionary perspectives. The Institute brings together faculty members, research staff and students from the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Medicine and Chemistry, with the aim of fostering progress at interfaces of the behavioural and neural sciences.

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  • A second inheritance system : the extension of biology through culture 

    Whiten, Andrew (2017-10-06) - Journal article
    By the mid-twentieth century (thus following the ‘Modern Synthesis’ in evolutionary biology), the behavioural sciences offered only the sketchy beginnings of a scientific literature documenting evidence for cultural ...
  • Bifurcations of limit cycles in a reduced model of the Xenopus tadpole central pattern generator 

    Ferrario, Andrea; Merrison-Hort, Robert; Soffe, Stephen R.; Li, Wen-Chang; Borisyuk, Roman (2018-07-18) - Journal article
    We present the study of a minimal microcircuit controlling locomotion in two-day-old Xenopus tadpoles. During swimming, neurons in the spinal central pattern generator (CPG) generate anti-phase oscillations between left ...
  • Compositionality in animals and humans 

    Townsend, Simon W.; Engesser, Sabrina; Stoll, Sabine; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Bickel, Balthasar (2018-08-15) - Journal article
    A key step in understanding the evolution of human language involves unravelling the origins of language’s syntactic structure. One approach seeks to reduce the core of syntax in humans to a single principle of recursive ...
  • Divergent biodiversity change within ecosystems 

    Magurran, Anne Elizabeth; Deacon, Amy Elizabeth; Moyes, Faye Helen; Shimadzu, Hideyasu; Azeredo de Dornelas, Maria Ana; Phillip, Dawn; Ramnarine, Indar (2018-02-20) - Journal article
    The Earth’s ecosystems are under unprecedented pressure, yet the nature of contemporary biodiversity change is not well understood. Growing evidence that community size is regulated highlights the need for improved ...
  • Social play as joint action : a framework to study the evolution of shared intentionality as an interactional achievement 

    Heesen, Raphaela; Genty, Emilie; Rossano, Federico; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Bangerter, Adrian (2017-12) - Journal article
    Social play has a complex, cooperative nature that requires substantial coordination. This has led researchers to use social games to study cognitive abilities like shared intentionality, the skill and motivation to share ...

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