The Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD) is a new initiative building on St Andrews' strengths in fundamental and applied research into the origins and maintenance of biodiversity. The CBD has strong collaborative links with researchers found across the University in the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Geography & GeoSciences, Mathematics and Management.

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Recent Submissions

  • Low and annually variable migratory connectivity in a long distance migrant : Whinchats Saxicola rubetra may show a bet-hedging strategy 

    Blackburn, Emma; Burgess, Malcolm; Freeman, Benedictus; Risely, Alice; Izang, Arin; Ivande, Sam; Hewson, Chris; Cresswell, Will (2017-10) - Journal article
    The spatial scale of non-breeding areas used by long distance migrant animals can vary from specific, relatively small non-breeding areas for each independent breeding population (high connectivity) to a distribution over ...
  • An endangered tree fern increases beta-diversity at a fine scale in the Atlantic Forest Ecosystem 

    Negrão, Raquel; Sampaio-e-Silva, Talita; Rocha Kortz, Alessandra; Magurran, Anne; Silva Matos, Dalva M. (2017-09) - Journal article
    Some species make substantial contribution to habitat heterogeneity, supporting species coexistence. Dicksonia sellowiana Hook., an endangered tree fern, is a known phorophyte for epiphytes, has the potential to be such a ...
  • Synthesis centers as critical research infrastructure 

    Baron, Jill; Specht, Alison; Garnier, Eric; Bishop, Pamela; Campbell, Andrew; Davis, Frank; Fady, Bruno; Field, Dawn; Gross, Louis; Guru, Siddeswara; Halpern, Benjamin; Hampton, Stephanie; Leavitt, Peter; Meagher, Thomas Robert; Ometto, Jean; Parker, John; Price, Richard; Rawson, Casey; Rodrigo, Allen; Sheble, Laura; Winter, Marten (2017-08) - Journal article
    Synthesis centers offer a unique amalgam of culture, infrastructure, leadership, and support that facilitates creative discovery on issues crucial to science and society. The combination of logistical support, postdoctoral ...
  • Sexual selection predicts species richness across the animal kingdom 

    Janicke, Tim; Ritchie, Michael G.; Morrow, Edward H.; Marie-Orleach, Lucas (2018-05-16) - Journal article
    Our improving knowledge of the animal tree of life consistently demonstrates that some taxa diversify more rapidly than others, but what contributes to this variation remains poorly understood. An influential hypothesis ...
  • Sexual selection and population divergence II. Divergence in different sexual traits and signal modalities in field crickets (Teleogryllus oceanicus) 

    Pascoal, Sonia; Mendrok, Magdalena; Wilson, Alastair J.; Hunt, John; Bailey, Nathan W. (2017-06-07) - Journal article
    Sexual selection can target many different types of traits. However, the relative influence of different sexually selected traits during evolutionary divergence is poorly understood. We used the field cricket Teleogryllus ...

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