The Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD) is a new initiative building on St Andrews' strengths in fundamental and applied research into the origins and maintenance of biodiversity. The CBD has strong collaborative links with researchers found across the University in the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Geography & GeoSciences, Mathematics and Management.

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Recent Submissions

  • Plant biodiversity drivers in Brazilian campos rupestres : insights from phylogenetic structure 

    Zappi, Daniela C.; Freire Moro, Marcelo; Meagher, Thomas R.; Nic Lughadha, Eimear (2017-12-19) - Journal article
    Old, climate-buffered infertile landscapes (Ocbils) have attracted increasing levels of interest in recent years because of their exceptionally diverse plant communities. Brazil’s campos rupestres (rupestrian grasslands) ...
  • Mating system manipulation and the evolution of sex-biased gene expression in Drosophila 

    Veltsos, Paris; Fang, Yongxiang; Cossins, Andrew R.; Snook, Rhonda R.; Ritchie, Michael Gordon (2017-12-12) - Journal article
    Sex differences in dioecious animals are pervasive and result from gene expression differences. Elevated sexual selection has been predicted to increase the number and expression of male-biased genes, and experimentally ...
  • Biodiversity change in the Cerrado following invasive pine tree establishment 

    Rocha Kortz, Alessandra (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-07) - Thesis
    How do newly established species interact with existing assemblage members to alter local biodiversity? This question is especially topical given growing concerns about increased temporal turnover levels relative to ...
  • Prevalence of multimodal species abundance distributions is linked to spatial and taxonomic breadth 

    Henriques Antão, Laura; Connolly, Sean R.; Magurran, Anne E.; Soares, Amadeu; Dornelas, Maria (2017-02) - Journal article
    Aim. Species abundance distributions (SADs) are a synthetic measure of biodiversity and community structure. Although typically described by unimodal logseries or lognormal distributions, empirical SADs can also exhibit ...
  • Community-level regulation of temporal trends in biodiversity 

    Gotelli, Nicholas; Shimadzu, Hideyasu; Dornelas, Maria; McGill, Brian; Moyes, Faye; Magurran, Anne E. (2017-07-26) - Journal article
    Many theoretical models of community dynamics predict that species richness (S) and total abundance (N) are regulated in their temporal fluctuations. Here we present novel evidence for widespread regulation of biodiversity. ...

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