The Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD) is a new initiative building on St Andrews' strengths in fundamental and applied research into the origins and maintenance of biodiversity. The CBD has strong collaborative links with researchers found across the University in the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Geography & GeoSciences, Mathematics and Management.

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Recent Submissions

  • Fixed-effect variance and the estimation of repeatabilities and heritabilities : issues and solutions 

    de Villemereuil, P.; Morrissey, M. B.; Nakagawa, S.; Schielzeth, H. (2018-04) - Journal article
    Linear mixed-effects models are frequently used for estimating quantitative genetic parameters, including the heritability, as well as the repeatability, of traits. Heritability acts as a filter that determines how efficiently ...
  • Social learning about construction behaviour via an artefact 

    Breen, Alexis J.; Bonneaud, Clémence C.; Healy, Susan D.; Guillette, Lauren Mary (2019-02-14) - Journal article
    One source of public information may be the enduring products of others’ behaviour, such as discarded tools or vacated nests. Here, we examined whether observation of a nest affects the material captive zebra finch males ...
  • Vestigial singing behaviour persists after the evolutionary loss of song in crickets 

    Schneider, Will; Rutz, Christian; Hedwig, Berthold; Bailey, Nathan W. (2018-02-14) - Journal article
    The evolutionary loss of sexual traits is widely predicted. Because sexual signals can arise from the coupling of specialized motor activity with morphological structures, disruption to a single component could lead to ...
  • Increased socially mediated plasticity in gene expression accompanies rapid adaptive evolution 

    Pascoal, Sonia; Liu, Xuan; Fang, Yongxiang; Paterson, Steve; Ritchie, Michael G.; Rockliffe, Nichola; Zuk, Marlene; Bailey, Nathan W. (2018-04) - Journal article
    Recent theory predicts that increased phenotypic plasticity can facilitate adaptation as traits respond to selection. When genetic adaptation alters the social environment, socially mediated plasticity could cause ...
  • Raw-material selectivity in hook-tool-crafting New Caledonian crows 

    Klump, Barbara Christina; Cantat, Mathieu; Rutz, Christian (2019-02) - Journal article
    Animals that manufacture foraging tools face the challenge of identifying suitable raw materials among a multitude of options. New Caledonian crows exhibit strong population-specific material preferences for the manufacture ...

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