The Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD) is a new initiative building on St Andrews' strengths in fundamental and applied research into the origins and maintenance of biodiversity. The CBD has strong collaborative links with researchers found across the University in the Schools of Biology, Psychology, Geography & GeoSciences, Mathematics and Management.

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Recent Submissions

  • Tail walking in a bottlenose dolphin community : the rise and fall of an arbitrary cultural 'fad' 

    Bossley, M.; Steiner, A.; Brakes, P.; Shrimpton, J.; Foster, C.; Rendell, L. (2018-09) - Journal article
    Social learning of adaptive behaviour is widespread in animal populations, but the spread of arbitrary behaviours is less common. In this paper, we describe the rise and fall of a behaviour called tail walking, where a ...
  • Social information use and social learning in non-grouping fishes 

    Webster, Michael Munro; Laland, Kevin Neville (2017-11-13) - Journal article
    Although it is natural to expect that group-living animals will utilize social learning, the expectation for non-grouping species is less clear. Only a few studies have explored the relationship between sociality and social ...
  • Factors determining the frequency and productivity of double brooding of Barn Owls Tyto alba 

    Jackson, P.; Cresswell, Will (2017) - Journal article
    Capsule :  Early nesting Barn Owls Tyto alba and those that switched nest sites fledged most chicks overall because they could fit two, more productive, nesting attempts into a breeding season. Aims:   To determine the ...
  • Reproductive interference in insects 

    Shuker, David Michael; Burdfield-Steel, Emily Rose (2017-08) - Journal article
    1. Reproductive interference occurs when members of different species engage in reproductive interactions, leading to a fitness cost to one or both actors. 2. These interactions can arise through signal interference ...
  • Inter and Intraspecific genomic divergence in Drosophila montana shows evidence for cold adaptation 

    Parker, Darren; Wiberg, R. Axel W.; Trivedi, Urmi; Tyukmaeva, Venera I.; Gharbi, Karim; Butlin, Roger K.; Hoikkala, Anneli; Kankare, Maaria; Ritchie, Michael (2018-08-01) - Journal article
    The genomes of species that are ecological specialists will likely contain signatures of genomic adaptation to their niche. However, distinguishing genes related to ecological specialism from other sources of selection and ...

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