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dc.contributor.advisorDavie, A. J. T. (Antony J. T.), 1939-en
dc.contributor.authorVashishta, Ambrishen
dc.coverage.spatial1 vol.en
dc.description.abstractThis thesis describes an implementation of a syntax-directed translator originally due to C.M. Reeves. The translator program simulates a special-purpose stored-program digital computer. A program for this machine represents the syntax and semantics of some language the source language. The translator is program-driven, backtracking and performs the parsing of the source text in a top-down manner. It does not allow left-recursive grammars. The program is written in ALGOL W on the IBM 360/44 computer. The translator accepts language specifications (syntax and semantics) in extended BNF - a meta language described in the thesis - and eventually produces a recogniser for statements in the source language. The translator is composed of two machines - a parsing machine and an editor machine. The parsing machine has 17 machine instructions, some these instructions are of single address type while others have no operand. Details of these are described. Briefly they are used by the parser machine to make decisions about whether or not a source text is grammatical. The output produced by the parser machine is determined by the semantics embodied in the program. This output is then carried to the editor machine and is treated as its input. The input to the editor machine is an ordered sequence of symbols which contains some edit instructions. With the help of these edit codes, this input is interpreted on the editor machine. The editor machine has 6 machine instructions which normally operate on the top one or two elements of the editor stack. The output produced by the editor machine is then assembled. The program thus obtained can be run on the hypothetic, computer as a compiler. A summary of related work is given.en
dc.publisherUniversity of St Andrewsen
dc.subject.lcshProgramming languages (Electronic computers)—Syntaxen
dc.titleAn implementation of Reeve's syntax directed translatoren
dc.type.qualificationnameMSc Master of Scienceen
dc.publisher.institutionThe University of St Andrewsen

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