The Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre involving the Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine and Physics and Astronomy. Research at the centre focuses on infection and immunity, chemical biology, DNA repair and enzymology, and is underpinned by world-class facilities for structural biology, proteomics and synthetic chemistry.

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Recent Submissions

  • Accurate quantification of modified cyclic peptides without the need for authentic standards 

    Adaba, Rosemary I.; Mann, Greg; Raab, Andrea; Houssen, Wael E.; McEwan, Andrew R.; Thomas, Louise; Tabudravu, Jioji; Naismith, James H.; Jaspars, Marcel (2016-12-29) - Journal article
    There is a growing interest in the use of cyclic peptides as therapeutics, but their efficient production is often the bottleneck in taking them forward in the development pipeline. We have recently developed a method to ...
  • Skin colour changes during experimentally-induced sickness 

    Henderson, Audrey J.; Lasselin, Julie; Lekander, Mats; Olsson, Mats J; Powis, Simon J.; Axelsson, John; Perrett, David I. (2017-02) - Journal article
    Skin colour may be an important cue to detect sickness in humans but how skin colour changes with acute sickness is currently unknown. To determine possible colour changes, 22 healthy Caucasian participants were injected ...
  • Sparse labeling PELDOR spectroscopy on multimeric mechanosensitive membrane channels 

    Ackermann, Katrin; Pliotas, Christos; Valera, Silvia; Naismith, Jim; Bode, Bela Ernest (2017-11-07) - Journal article
    Pulse EPR is being applied to ever more complex biological systems comprising multiple subunits. Membrane channel proteins are of great interest as pulse EPR reports on functionally significant but distinct conformational ...
  • Fluorometabolite biosynthesis : isotopically labelled glycerol incorporations into the antibiotic nucleocidin in Streptomyces calvus 

    Bartholomé, Axel; Janso, Jeffrey E.; Reilly, Usa; O'Hagan, David (2017-01-07) - Journal article
    Deuterium and carbon-13 labelled glycerols have been fed to Streptomyces calvus fermentations and isotope incorporation into the fluorine containing antibiotic nucleocidin have been evaluated by 19F-NMR. A single deuterium ...
  • Spot sputum samples are at least as good as early morning samples for identifying Mycobacterium tuberculosis 

    Murphy, Michael E.; Phillips, Patrick P. J.; Mendel, Carl M.; Bongard, Emily; Bateson, Anna L. C.; Hunt, Robert; Murthy, Saraswathi; Singh, Kasha P.; Brown, Michael; Crook, Angela M.; Nunn, Andrew J.; Meredith, Sarah K.; Lipman, Marc; McHugh, Timothy D.; Gillespie, Stephen H.; on behalf of the REMoxTB Consortium (2017-10-27) - Journal article
    Background:  The use of early morning sputum samples (EMS) to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) can result in treatment delay given the need for the patient to return to the clinic with the EMS, increasing the chance of patients ...

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