The Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre involving the Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine and Physics and Astronomy. Research at the centre focuses on infection and immunity, chemical biology, DNA repair and enzymology, and is underpinned by world-class facilities for structural biology, proteomics and synthetic chemistry.

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  • Mechanisms of cyanobactin biosynthesis 

    Melo Czekster, Clarissa; Ge, Ying; Naismith, James H. (2016-12) - Journal item
    Cyanobactins are a diverse collection of natural products that originate from short peptides made on a ribosome. The amino acids are modified in a series of transformations catalyzed by multiple enzymes. The patellamide ...
  • Label-free optical vibrational spectroscopy to detect the metabolic state of M. tuberculosis cells at the site of disease 

    Baron, Vincent; Chen, Mingzhou; Clark, Simon O.; Williams, Ann; Hammond, Robert James Hunter; Dholakia, Kishan; Gillespie, Stephen Henry (2017-08-29) - Journal article
    Tuberculosis relapse is a barrier to shorter treatment. It is thought that lipid rich cells, phenotypically resistant to antibiotics, may play a major role. Most studies investigating relapse use sputum samples although ...
  • The major histocompatibility complex class I immunopeptidome of extracellular vesicles 

    Synowsky, Silvia Anna; Shirran, Sally Lorna; Cooke, Fiona Ghina Mary; Antoniou, Antony N.; Botting, Catherine Helen; Powis, Simon John (2017-08-31) - Journal article
    Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are released by most cell types and have been associated with multiple immunomodulatory functions. MHC class I molecules have crucial roles in antigen presentation and in eliciting immune ...
  • A core switching strategy to pyrrolo[2,3-b]quinolines and diazocino[1,2-a]indolinones 

    Jones, Alan M.; Patterson, Stephen; Lorion, Magali Myriam; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Westwood, Nicholas James (2016-10-14) - Journal article
    Two novel core-switching rearrangements to natural product-like privileged scaffolds that proceed in up to 99% yield have been developed. The deviation away from planarity of the central N-acyl urea carbonyl, caused by the ...
  • Optical spectroscopic analysis for the discrimination of extra-virgin olive-oil 

    McReynolds, Naomi; Garcia, Juan M. Aunon; Guengerich, Zoe; Smith, Terry K.; Dholakia, Kishan (SPIE, 2017-01-28) - Conference item
    We present an optical spectroscopic technique, making use of both Raman signals and fluorescence spectroscopy, for the identification of five brands of commercially available extra-virgin olive-oil (EVOO). We demonstrate ...

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