The Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre involving the Schools of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine and Physics and Astronomy. Research at the centre focuses on infection and immunity, chemical biology, DNA repair and enzymology, and is underpinned by world-class facilities for structural biology, proteomics and synthetic chemistry.

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  • Willing to be involved in cancer 

    Gunn-Moore, Francis James; Tilston-Lunel, Andrew Martin; Reynolds, Paul Andrew (2016-07-18) - Journal item
    Genome sequencing is now a common procedure, but prior to this, screening experiments using protein baits was one of the routinely used methods that, occasionally, allowed the identification of new gene products. One such ...
  • Predicting melting points of organic molecules : applications to aqueous solubility prediction using the General Solubility Equation 

    McDonagh, James; van Mourik, Tanja; Mitchell, John B. O. (2015-11) - Journal article
    In this work we make predictions of several important molecular properties of academic and industrial importance to seek answers to two questions: 1) Can we apply efficient machine learning techniques, using inexpensive ...
  • Lasing within live cells containing intracellular optical micro-resonators for barcode-type cell tagging and tracking 

    Schubert, Marcel; Steude, Anja; Liehm, Philipp; Kronenberg, Nils Michael; Karl, Markus; Campbell, Elaine Catherine; Powis, Simon John; Gather, Malte Christian (2015-08-12) - Journal article
    We report on a laser that is fully embedded into a single live cell. By harnessing natural endocytosis of the cell we introduce a fluorescent whispering gallery mode (WGM) micro-resonator into the cell cytoplasm. On pumping ...
  • Pironetin reacts covalently with cysteine-316 of α-tubulin to destabilize microtubule 

    Yang, Jianhong; Wang, Yuxi; Wang, Taijing; Jiang, Jian; Botting, Catherine Helen; Liu, Huanting; Chen, Qiang; Yang, Jingliang; Naismith, James Henderson; Zhu, Xiaofeng; Chen, Lijuan (2016-06-30) - Journal article
    Molecules which alter the normal dynamics of microtubule assembly and disassembly 
include many anticancer drugs in clinical use. So far all such therapeutics target β-tubulin 
and structural biology has explained the basis ...
  • Phenotypic resistance in mycobacteria : is it because I am old or fat that I resist you? 

    Hammond, Robert J H; Baron, Vincent O; Oravcova, Katarina; Lipworth, Sam; Gillespie, Stephen H (2015-07-09) - Journal article
    Synopsis Objectives We aimed to explore the phenomenon of phenotypic resistance to anti-mycobacterial antibiotics and to determine whether this was associated with cell age or presence of lipid bodies. Methods The accumulation ...

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