Main areas of research activity are algebra, including group theory, semigroup theory, lattice theory, and computational group theory, and analysis, including fractal geometry, multifractal analysis, complex dynamical systems, Kleinian groups, and diophantine approximations.

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Recent Submissions

  • On plausible counterexamples to Lehnert's conjecture 

    Bennett, Daniel (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    A group whose co-word problem is a context free language is called co𝐶𝐹 . Lehnert's conjecture states that a group 𝐺 is co𝐶𝐹 if and only if 𝐺 embeds as a finitely generated subgroup of R. Thompson's group V . In this ...
  • Commutativity and free products in Thompson's group V 

    Bieniecka, Ewa (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-26) - Thesis
    We broaden the theory of dynamical interpretation, investigate the property of commutativity and explore the subject of subgroups forming free products in Thompson's group V. We expand Brin's terminology for a revealing ...
  • Proof search issues in some non-classical logics 

    Howe, Jacob M. (University of St Andrews, 1999) - Thesis
    This thesis develops techniques and ideas on proof search. Proof search is used with one of two meanings. Proof search can be thought of either as the search for a yes/no answer to a query (theorem proving), or as the ...
  • The construction of finite soluble factor groups of finitely presented groups and its application 

    Wegner, Alexander (University of St Andrews, 1992) - Thesis
    Computational group theory deals with the design, analysis and computer implementation of algorithms for solving computational problems involving groups, and with the applications of the programs produced to interesting ...
  • Counting subwords and other results related to the generalised star-height problem for regular languages 

    Bourne, Thomas (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-07) - Thesis
    The Generalised Star-Height Problem is an open question in the field of formal language theory that concerns a measure of complexity on the class of regular languages; specifically, it asks whether or not there exists an ...

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