The School of Management is research intensive and underpinned by a strong grounding in the social sciences. We pursue a strategy of focusing our research activities and identity around the concept of responsible enterprise. This entails an ethical approach to managing within organisations, the impact of human enterprise on the environment, the interaction between forms of investment and social and organisational impact and the need to foster creativity and development. The School of Management operates thematic groups which include academics, teaching fellows, researchers, visiting staff and PhD candidates. The thematic groups are: Creative and Cultural Industries; Ethics, Sustainability and Accountability; Financial Institutions and Markets; Knowledge and Practice; and Organisations and Society.

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Recent Submissions

  • Entrepreneurial acquisitions, open innovation and UK high growth SMEs 

    Mawson, Suzanne; Brown, Ross Crawford (2017) - Journal article
    This paper examines the dynamics of entrepreneurial acquisitions undertaken by UK high growth small and medium enterprises (SMEs). While entrepreneurial acquisitions are increasingly deployed by SMEs, little is known about ...
  • The visual and material dimensions of legitimacy : accounting and the search for socie-ties 

    Puyou, Francois-Regis; Quattrone, Paolo (2018-04-13) - Journal article
    The aim of this article is to contribute to the literature on legitimacy by investigating its material and visual dimensions. By drawing on studies on rhetoric as a means of composing visions of social order and on an ...
  • Transformation in a changing climate : a research agenda 

    Fazey, Ioan; Moug, Peter; Allen, Simon; Beckmann, Kate; Blackwood, David; Bonaventura, Mike; Burnett, Kathryn; Danson, Mike; Falconer, Ruth; Gagnon, Alexandre S; Hodgson, Anthony; Harkness, Rachel; Holm, Lorens; Irvine, Katherine N.; Low, Ragne; Lyon, Christopher; Moss, Anna; Moran, Clare; Naylor, Larissa; O'Brien, Karen; Russell, Shona; Skerratt, Sarah; Rao-Williams, Jennifer; Wolstenholme, Ruth (2018) - Journal article
    The concept of transformation in relation to climate and other global change is increasingly receiving attention. The concept provides important opportunities to help examine how rapid and fundamental change to address ...
  • Trust and mixed signals : a study of religion, tattoos and cognitive dissonance 

    Timming, Andrew Richard; Perrett, David Ian (2016-07) - Journal article
    This paper examines trust judgements in the context of ‘mixed signals’, whereby the medium through which a signal is projected suggests untrustworthiness, but the signal itself suggests trustworthiness. Under conditions ...
  • Is workplace democracy associated with wider pro-democracy affect? : a structural equation model 

    Timming, Andrew Richard; Summers, Juliette Clair (2018-03-21) - Journal article
    Using structural equation modelling, this article examines the hypothesis that employees can learn about democracy through employee participation in workplace decision-making, thus resulting in more positive attitudes ...

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