The School of Management is research intensive and underpinned by a strong grounding in the social sciences. We pursue a strategy of focusing our research activities and identity around the concept of responsible enterprise. This entails an ethical approach to managing within organisations, the impact of human enterprise on the environment, the interaction between forms of investment and social and organisational impact and the need to foster creativity and development. The School of Management operates thematic groups which include academics, teaching fellows, researchers, visiting staff and PhD candidates. The thematic groups are: Accounting, Governance and Organisations; Financial Institutions and Markets; Knowledge and Practice; and Organisations and Society.

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  • A glossary for research on human crowd dynamics 

    Consortium for the Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics; Adrian, Juliane; Amos, Martyn; Baratchi, Mitra; Beermann, Mira; Bode, Nikolai; Boltes, Maik; Corbetta, Alessandro; Dezecache, Guillaume; Drury, John; Fu, Zhijian; Geraerts, Roland; Gwynne, Steve; Hofinger, Gesine; Hunt, Aoife; Kanters, Tinus; Kneidl, Angelika; Konya, Krisztina; Köster, Gerta; Küpper, Mira; Michalareas, Georgios; Neville, Fergus; Ntonis, Evangelos; Reicher, Stephen; Ronchi, Enrico; Schadschneider, Andreas; Seyfried, Armin; Shipman, Alastair; Sieben, Anna; Spearpoint, Michael; Sullivan, Gavin; Templeton, Anne; Toschi, Federico; van der Wal, Natalie; van Schadewijk, Frank; von Krüchten, Cornelia; Wijermans, Nanda; Yücel, Zeynep; Zanlungo, Francesco; Zuriguel, Iker (2019-03-01) - Journal article
    This article presents a glossary of terms that are frequently used in research on human crowds. This topic is inherently multidisciplinary as it includes work in and across computer science, engineering, mathematics, ...
  • Bank taxation: implications for financial intermediation, liquidity creation, and the real economy 

    Sobiech, Anna Lucia (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    This thesis investigates the implications of bank taxation for financial intermediation, bank liquidity creation, and the real economy. Our empirical analysis is underpinned by an identification strategy which relies on ...
  • Healthcare scandals and the failings of doctors : do official inquiries hold the profession to account? 

    Mannion, Russell; Davies, Huw; Powell, Martin; Blenkinsopp, John; Millar, Ross; McHale, Jean; Snowden, Nick (2019-03-05) - Journal article
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore whether official inquiries are an effective method for holding the medical profession to account for failings in the quality and safety of care. Design/methodology/approach ...
  • Analyzing systemic risk in the Chinese banking system 

    Huang, Qiubin; de Haan, Jakob; Scholtens, Bert (2017-03-02) - Journal article
    We examine systemic risk in the Chinese banking system by estimating the conditional value at risk (CoVaR), the marginal expected shortfall (MES), the systemic impact index (SII) and the vulnerability index (VI) for 16 ...

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