The School of Management is research intensive and underpinned by a strong grounding in the social sciences. We pursue a strategy of focusing our research activities and identity around the concept of responsible enterprise. This entails an ethical approach to managing within organisations, the impact of human enterprise on the environment, the interaction between forms of investment and social and organisational impact and the need to foster creativity and development. The School of Management operates thematic groups which include academics, teaching fellows, researchers, visiting staff and PhD candidates. The thematic groups are: Accounting, Governance and Organisations; Financial Institutions and Markets; Knowledge and Practice; and Organisations and Society.

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Recent Submissions

  • Threshold concept learning : emotions and liminal space transitions 

    Irving, Gemma; Wright, April; Hibbert, Paul Charles (2019-02-14) - Journal article
    This article explores how learners transition through the liminal space when they engage with and master threshold concepts. We investigate this question through a qualitative study of undergraduate students as they grapple ...
  • Undergraduate students who are required to withdraw from university : the role of ethnicity 

    Woodfield, Ruth (2017-04-05) - Journal article
    A large body of international research focuses on identifying reasons why students do not ‘persist’ (Tinto 2007) within higher education. Little research has focused on students whose leaving is non-voluntary and where ...
  • Increasing the capacity of policy agencies to use research findings : a stepped-wedge trial 

    Williamson, Anna; Barker, Daniel; Green, Sally; D'Este, Catherine; Davies, Huw T. O.; Jorm, Louise; Shakeshaft, Anthony; Rudge, Sian; Redman, Sally (2019-02-06) - Journal article
    Background:  This paper describes the trial of a novel intervention, Supporting Policy In health with evidence from Research: an Intervention Trial (SPIRIT). It examines (1) the feasibility of delivering this kind of ...
  • Sticking it on plastic : credit card finance and small and medium sized enterprises in the UK 

    Brown, Ross; Liñares-Zegarra, José; Wilson, John O. S. (2018-07-31) - Journal article
    This paper investigates the role of credit card financing in UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and how this varies by location and business orientation. Using a large scale dataset of UK SMEs, the results of a ...
  • Cyclical behavior of international fund flows 

    Li, Suxiao; de Haan, Jakob; Scholtens, Bert (2018-01) - Journal article
    We investigate the cyclicality of international fund flows employing correlation and regression analysis using monthly data for almost 70 countries between 1996 and 2013. International fund flows are cross-border investments ...

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