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    • Pathways and practice : the general practitioner in nineteenth-century Dundee 

      Campbell, Morag Allan (2018-08-17) - Journal article
      Although the care of the basic medical needs of much of the population, or what might be termed general medicine, accounted by the mid nineteenth century for the work of the majority of medical men in Britain, those who ...
    • Gift-giving and inheritance strategies in late Roman law and legal practice 

      Humfress, Caroline (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2017-06-07) - Book item
      In Roman law, an inheritance could be passed on according to the rules of intestate or testate succession. The Roman law of succession presents people with an enormous display of legal ingenuity. This chapter analyses some ...
    • Rules, power and constitutions : following Onuf 

      Lang, Anthony (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2017-05-23) - Book item
      This chapter explores the role of power in the theory of global constitutionalism. It draws on the work of Nicholas Onuf, whose launched constructivist IR theory. It borrows from Onuf the idea of rules and rule making, but ...
    • The Aurunci and Sidicini 

      Smith, Christopher John (de Gruyter, 2017-11) - Book item
    • III - Contractarianism as a political morality 

      Sachs, Benjamin Alan (2016-05-26) - Journal article
      Contractarianism initially made its mark, in the seventeenth century, as a sort of theory of everything in ethics. But gradually philosophers became convinced that there were resources available outside contractarianism ...