The Institute is the home of outstanding cross-disciplinary research in the fields of law, legal history and constitutionalism at the University of St Andrews. Founded in 2015, it unites leading scholars in history, international relations, and literature with early-career researchers and graduate students, in order to foster a vibrant community of twenty-first century researchers.

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Recent Submissions

  • Pathways and practice : the general practitioner in nineteenth-century Dundee 

    Campbell, Morag Allan (2018-08-17) - Journal article
    Although the care of the basic medical needs of much of the population, or what might be termed general medicine, accounted by the mid nineteenth century for the work of the majority of medical men in Britain, those who ...
  • Some myths about Ethnocentrism 

    Etinson, Adam (2018) - Journal article
    Ethnocentrism, it is said, involves believing certain things to be true: that one's culture is superior to others, more deserving of respect, or at the 'centre' of things. On the alternative view defended in this article, ...
  • Emotions in the early common law (c. 1166–1215) 

    Hudson, John (2017) - Journal article
    Beyond dealing with wrongdoing and litigation, law has many other functions. It can be designed to make life more predictable, it can facilitate and promote certain actions, it can seek to prevent disputes by laying down ...
  • Gift-giving and inheritance strategies in late Roman law and legal practice 

    Humfress, Caroline (Routledge, 2017-06-07) - Book item
  • Rules, power and constitutions : following Onuf 

    Lang, Anthony (Routledge, 2017-05-23) - Book item
    This chapter explores the role of power in the theory of global constitutionalism. It draws on the work of Nicholas Onuf, whose launched constructivist IR theory. It borrows from Onuf the idea of rules and rule making, but ...

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