The School of Divinity has an internationally renowned staff and a reputation for high quality in both teaching and research. Its primary expertise is as a centre engaging with theological and historical concerns, chiefly as raised and developed within the Christian tradition, its Jewish roots, and related critical scholarship. The School's academic staff seek to address wider concerns arising within western society through the growing prominence of other religious traditions and the rejuvenation of interest in questions of 'spirituality'.

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Recent Submissions

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    Kim, Hyung Tae (University of St Andrews, 2017) - Thesis
  • A literary shema : Annie Dillard's Judeo-Christian vision and voice 

    Kanitz, Lori Ann (University of St Andrews, 2014) - Thesis
    Ample evidence exists for American Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard’s life-long interest in Jewish mysticism. However, to date, its shaping influence on her work has remained unexamined. This thesis seeks to ...
  • How can Mark's Christ be David's son 

    Botner, Max A. (University of St Andrews, 2017) - Thesis
    This study examines the long-standing debate on the Davidssohnfrage in the Gospel according to Mark (12:35–37). In contrast to the traditionsgeschichtliche paradigm set forth by Wrede (1907), it argues that Mark’s stance ...
  • Commentary of Salmon Ben Yeruham on lamentations 

    Abdul-Karim, Mohammed Abdul-Latif (University of St Andrews, 1976) - Thesis
    This thesis is a critical edition of the Judaeo-Arabic commentary on the book of Lamentations by the tenth century Karaite Salmon Ben Yeruham. The edition of the text is based on four manuscripts and nine fragments. Two ...
  • Pre-Christian sects in Palestinian Judaism : a critical examination of the ancient sources with special emphasis on the minor sects 

    Olds, L. Calista (University of St Andrews, 1960) - Thesis
    "The purpose of this study is to make a critical and detailed analysis of the references in the ancient sources, Philo, Josephus, Pliny and the church fathers, Justin, Hegesippus, Hippolytus and Epiphanius. The main emphasis ...

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