The School of Divinity has an internationally renowned staff and a reputation for high quality in both teaching and research. Its primary expertise is as a centre engaging with theological and historical concerns, chiefly as raised and developed within the Christian tradition, its Jewish roots, and related critical scholarship. The School's academic staff seek to address wider concerns arising within western society through the growing prominence of other religious traditions and the rejuvenation of interest in questions of 'spirituality'.

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  • The imitation game : becoming imitators of Christ 

    Cockayne, Joshua (2017-03) - Journal article
    What is it to lead a Christian life? At least part of the answer, from St Paul to Thomas à Kempis, to makers of WWJD bracelets, is to imitate Christ. But while there is a lot of practical advice in the spiritual literature ...
  • Experiencing the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist 

    Cockayne, Joshua Luke; Efird, David; Warman, Jack; Molto, Daniel; Haynes, Gordon; Ludwigs, August; Tamburro, Richard (2017-05) - Journal article
    We present a new understanding of Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist on the model of Stump’s account of God’s omnipresence and Green and Quan’s account of experiencing God in Scripture. On this understanding, Christ ...
  • Enslaved under the elements of the cosmos 

    Clark, Ernest P. (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-26) - Thesis
    When Paul writes ‘we too were enslaved under the elements of the world’, he means that the elements that compose the cosmos also compose and compromise the flesh and enslave human persons through their bodies (Gal 4.3). ...
  • Textual History of Ezekiel 

    Tooman, William Arthur (Brill, 2016-04-07) - Book item

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