The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra (CIRCA) was established in 2000 to foster new and existing collaborative research between members of the Schools of Computer Science and of Mathematics and Statistics in the area of computational abstract algebra.

For more information please visit the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra (CIRCA) home page.

Recent Submissions

  • Automorphism groups of countable algebraically closed graphs and endomorphisms of the random graph 

    Dolinka, Igor; Gray, Robert Duncan; McPhee, Jillian Dawn; Mitchell, James David; Quick, Martyn (2016-05) - Journal article
    We establish links between countable algebraically closed graphs and the endomorphisms of the countable universal graph R. As a consequence we show that, for any countable graph Γ, there are uncountably many maximal subgroups ...
  • Ten Simple Rules for taking advantage of Git and GitHub 

    Perez-Riverol, Yasset; Gatto, Laurent; Wang, Rui; Sachsenberg, Timo; Uszkoreit, Julian; da Veiga Leprevost, Felipe; Fufezan, Christian; Ternent, Tobias; Eglen, Stephen J.; Katz, Daniel S.; Pollard, Tom J.; Konovalov, Alexander; Flight, Robert M.; Blin, Kai; Vizcaíno, Juan Antonio (2016-07-14) - Journal article
    A 'Ten Simple Rules' guide to Git and GitHub. We describe and provide examples on how to use these software to track projects, as users, teams and organizations. We document collaborative development using branching and ...
  • The infinite simple group V of Richard J. Thompson : presentations by permutations 

    Quick, Martyn; Bleak, Collin Patrick (2015) - Journal article
    We show one can naturally describe elements of R. Thompson's infinite finitely presented simple group V, known by Thompson to have a presentation with four generators and fourteen relations, as products of permutations ...
  • Towards ‘Metaheuristics in the Large’ 

    Swann, Jerry; Hammond, Kevin (2015-06-07) - Conference paper
    There is a pressing need for a higher-level architectural per- spective in metaheuristics research. This article proposes a purely functional collection of component signatures as a basis for the scalable and automatic ...
  • Computing finite semigroups 

    East, J.; Egri-Nagy, A.; Mitchell, J. D.; Péresse, Y. (2015-10-07) - Journal article
    Using a variant of Schreier's Theorem, and the theory of Green's relations, we show how to reduce the computation of an arbitrary subsemigroup of a finite regular semigroup to that of certain associated subgroups. Examples ...

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