The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra (CIRCA) was established in 2000 to foster new and existing collaborative research between members of the Schools of Computer Science and of Mathematics and Statistics in the area of computational abstract algebra.

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  • The impact of cancer on subsequent chance of pregnancy : a population-based analysis 

    Anderson, Richard A; Brewster, David H; Wood, Rachael; Nowell, Sian; Fischbacher, Colin; Kelsey, Thomas William; Wallace, W Hamish B (2018-06-15) - Journal article
    STUDY QUESTION What is the impact of cancer in females aged ≤39 years on subsequent chance of pregnancy? SUMMARY ANSWER Cancer survivors achieved fewer pregnancies across all cancer types, and the chance of achieving a ...
  • Automatically deriving cost models for structured parallel processes using hylomorphisms 

    Castro, David; Hammond, Kevin; Sarkar, Susmit; Alguwaifli, Yasir (2018-02) - Journal article
    Structured parallelism using nested algorithmic skeletons can greatly ease the task of writing parallel software, since common, but hard-to-debug, problems such as race conditions are eliminated by design. However, choosing ...
  • Chains of subsemigroups 

    Cameron, Peter J.; Gadouleau, Maximilien; Mitchell, James D.; Peresse, Yann (2017-06) - Journal article
    We investigate the maximum length of a chain of subsemigroups in various classes of semigroups, such as the full transformation semigroups, the general linear semigroups, and the semigroups of order-preserving transformations ...
  • Imprimitive permutations in primitive groups 

    Araújo, Joao; Araújo, Joao Pedro; Cameron, Peter Jephson; Dobson, Ted; Hulpke, Alexander; Lopes, Pedro (2017-09-15) - Journal article
    The goal of this paper is to study primitive groups that are contained in the union of maximal (in the symmetric group) imprimitive groups. The study of types of permutations that appear inside primitive groups goes back ...
  • Analyticity, balance and non-admissibility of Cut in Stoic Logic 

    Bobzien, Susanne; Dyckhoff, Roy (2018-04-20) - Journal article
    This paper shows that, for the Hertz-Gentzen Systems of 1933 (without Thinning), extended by a classical rule T1 (from the Stoics) and using certain axioms (also from the Stoics), all derivations are analytic: every cut ...

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