The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra (CIRCA) was established in 2000 to foster new and existing collaborative research between members of the Schools of Computer Science and of Mathematics and Statistics in the area of computational abstract algebra.

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  • Automatic generation of generalised regular factorial designs 

    Kobilinsky, André; Monod, Hervé; Bailey, R. A. (2017-09) - Journal article
    The R package planor enables the user to search for, and construct, factorial designs satisfying given conditions. The user specifies the factors and their numbers of levels, the factorial terms which are assumed to be ...
  • Coinductive soundness of corecursive type class resolution 

    Farka, František; Komendantskaya, Ekaterina; Hammond, Kevin; Fu, Peng (arXiv, 2016) - Conference item
    Horn clauses and first-order resolution are commonly used for the implementation of type classes in Haskell. Recently, several core- cursive extensions to type class resolution have been proposed, with the common goal of ...
  • Topological graph inverse semigroups 

    Mesyan, Z.; Mitchell, J. D.; Morayne, M.; Péresse, Y. H. (2016-08-01) - Journal article
    To every directed graph E one can associate a graph inverse semigroup G(E), where elements roughly correspond to possible paths in E . These semigroups generalize polycyclic monoids, and they arise in the study of Leavitt ...
  • ℤ4-codes and their Gray map images as orthogonal arrays 

    Cameron, Peter Jephson; Kusuma, Josephine; Solé, Patrick (2017-07) - Journal article
    A classic result of Delsarte connects the strength (as orthogonal array) of a linear code with the minimum weight of its dual: the former is one less than the latter.Since the paper of Hammons et al., there is a lot of ...
  • Highest rank of a polytope for An 

    Cameron, Peter Jephson; Fernandes, Maria Elisa; Leemans, Dimitri; Mixer, Mark (2017-04-28) - Journal article
    We prove that the highest rank of a string C-group constructed from an alternating group Altn is 0 if n = 3, 4, 6, 7, 8; 3 if n = 5; 4 if n = 9; 5 if n = 10; 6 if n = 11; and the floor of (n-1)/2 if n ≥ 12. This solves a ...

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