The Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance (RBF) is a research centre based at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Launched in 2011, the Centre acts as a platform for academics and practitioners and gives them access to the latest research on responsible banking and investment topics and the opportunity to exchange and discuss common issues and areas of interest. The Centre aims to promote high calibre academic research about issues that are at the core of the today's globalised society.

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Recent Submissions

  • A post-mortem of regional innovation policy failure : Scotland's Intermediate Technology Initiative (ITI) 

    Brown, Ross Crawford; Gregson, Geoff; Mason, Colin (2016) - Journal article
    Brown R., Gregson G. and Mason C. A post-mortem of regional innovation policy failure: Scotland's Intermediate Technology Initiative (ITI), Regional Studies. The Intermediate Technology Initiative (ITI) was one of the most ...
  • Commentary: Fairness is intuitive 

    Myrseth, Kristian Ove; Wollbrant, Conny E. (2016-05-09) - Journal item
    Cappelen et al. (2015) show that ‘fair’ decisions are quicker than are ‘selfish’ decisions. On this basis, they infer that fairness is ‘intuitive’. We argue that they commit a reverse inference fallacy. One might argue ...
  • Social dilemmas : When self-control benefits cooperation 

    Martinsson, Peter; Myrseth, Kristian Ove; Wollbrant, Conny (2014-12) - Journal article
    Individuals in a social dilemma may experience a self-control conflict between urges to act selfishly and better judgment to cooperate. Pairing a public goods game with a subtle framing technique, we test whether perception ...
  • The geography of job creation in high-growth firms : the implications of ‘growing abroad’ 

    Brown, Ross Crawford; Mawson, Suzanne (2016-03) - Journal article
    In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest by policy makers in high growth firms (HGFs). Interest in these dynamic firms has primarily been driven by their prodigious ability to create new employment. Despite ...
  • Social performance and firm risk : impact of the financial crisis 

    Bouslah, Kais Ben Hmida; Kryzanowski, Lawrence; M'Zali, Bouchra (2016-02-11) - Journal article
    This paper examines the impact of the recent financial crisis (2008–2009) on the relation between a firm’s risk and social performance (SP) using a sample of non-financial U.S. firms covering the period 1991–2012. We find ...

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