The St Andrews Centre for Higher Education Research currently consists of staff across 17 Schools and six central University units. The Centre aims to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration in higher education research. CHER brings together staff interested in conducting evidence-based higher education research to inform local, national and international policy and practice, and to promote a reflective, analytical view of Higher Education activities.

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Recent Submissions

  • Synthesis and formation mechanism of textured MOF-5 

    Greer, Heather Frances; Liu, Yuehao; Greenaway, Alex; Wright, Paul Anthony; Zhou, Wuzong (2016-02-22) - Journal article
    Textured and house-of-card structures develop on the surfaces of cubic MOF-5 crystals. The formation mechanism of these novel constructions are investigated based on characterisation of the intermediate specimens with ...
  • Current state and future prospects of research on fear of cancer recurrence 

    Lebel, Sophie; Ozakinci, Gozde; Humphris, Gerald; Thewes, Belinda; Prins, Judith; Dinkel, Andreas; Butow, Phyllis (2016-02-18) - Journal item
    1. Despite a rapidly growing research interest in FCR, lack of consensus on definition and measurement including clinical FCR, sparse model development and testing, and limited available clinical interventions have impeded ...
  • Reversed crystal growth of calcite in naturally occurring travertine crust 

    Greer, Heather Frances; Zhou, Wuzong; Guo, Li (2017-01-28) - Journal article
    A microstructural investigation by electron microscopy on a travertine specimen collected from Munigou National Park, Sichuan Province, China revealed evidence of a non-classical reversed crystal growth route previously ...
  • Formation, crystal growth and colour appearance of Mimetic Tianmu glaze 

    Chiang, Chang-Yang; Greer, Heather Frances; Liu, Ru-Shi; Zhou, Wuzong (2016-05-01) - Journal article
    Mimetic Tianmu glaze has been synthesized and analysed by using X-ray diffraction, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. It was found that the main body ...
  • Dipole field driven morphology evolution in biomimetic vaterite 

    Greer, Heather Frances; Liu, Ming-Han; Mou, Chung-Yuan; Zhou, Wuzong (2016-03-07) - Journal article
    Morphology evolution is an important process in naturally occurring biominerals. To investigate the interaction between biomolecules and inorganic components in the construction of biominerals, biomimetic hexagonal prism ...

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