The St Andrews Centre for Higher Education Research currently consists of staff across 17 Schools and six central University units. The Centre aims to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration in higher education research. CHER brings together staff interested in conducting evidence-based higher education research to inform local, national and international policy and practice, and to promote a reflective, analytical view of Higher Education activities.

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  • Counting chirps : acoustic monitoring of cryptic frogs 

    Measey, G. John; Stevenson, Ben C.; Scott, Tanya; Altwegg, Res; Borchers, David L. (2016-12-01) - Journal article
    1 .  Global amphibian declines have resulted in a vital need for monitoring programmes that follow population trends. Monitoring using advertisement calls is ideal as choruses are undisturbed during data collection. However, ...
  • Pricing, prizing and praising in the dating services sector – a conceptual approach 

    Roscoe, Philip John; Chillas, Shiona Allison (2015) - Conference paper
  • Distance sampling detection functions : 2D or not 2D? 

    Borchers, David Louis; Cox, Martin James (2016-10-17) - Journal article
    Conventional distance sampling (CDS) methods assume that animals are uniformly distributed in the vicinity of lines or points. But when animals move in response to observers before detection, or when lines or points are ...
  • A case study in user support for managing OpenSim based multi user learning environments 

    Perera, Galhenage Indika Udaya Shantha; Miller, Alan Henry David; Allison, Colin (2016-11-23) - Journal article
    Immersive 3D Multi User Learning Environments (MULE) have shown sufficient success to warrant their consideration as a mainstream educational paradigm. These are based on 3D Multi User Virtual Environment platforms (MUVE), ...
  • Facile surfactant-free synthesis of p-type SnSe nanoplates with exceptional thermoelectric power factors 

    Han, Guang; Popuri, Srinivas; Greer, Heather Frances; Bos, Jan-Willem; Zhou, Wuzong; Knox, Andrew; Montecucco, Andrea; Siviter, Jonathan; Man, Elena; Macauley, Martin; Paul, Douglas; Li, Wen-guang; Paul, Manosh; Gao, Min; Sweet, Tracy; Freer, Robert; Azough, Feridoon; Baig, Hasan; Sellami, Nazmi; Mallick, Tapas; Gregory, Duncan (2016-05-23) - Journal article
    A surfactant-free solution methodology, simply using water as a solvent, has been developed for the straightforward synthesis of single-phase orthorhombic SnSe nanoplates in gram quantities. Individual nanoplates are ...

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