The St Andrews Centre for Higher Education Research currently consists of staff across 17 Schools and six central University units. The Centre aims to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration in higher education research. CHER brings together staff interested in conducting evidence-based higher education research to inform local, national and international policy and practice, and to promote a reflective, analytical view of Higher Education activities.

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  • Virtual Worlds and the 3D Web – time for convergence? 

    Bakri, Hussein; Allison, Colin; Miller, Alan Henry David; Oliver, Iain Angus (Springer, 2016) - Conference item
    Multi-User Virtual Worlds (MUVW) such as Open Wonderland and OpenSim have proved to be fruitful platforms for innovative educational practice, supporting exploratory learning and generating true engagement. However, when ...
  • Direct observation of weight-related communication in primary care : a systematic review 

    McHale, Calum Thomas; Laidlaw, Anita Helen; Cecil, Joanne Elizabeth (2016-08) - Journal item
    Background. Primary care is ideally placed to play an effective role in patient weight management however patient weight is seldom discussed in this context. A synthesis of studies that directly observe weight discussion ...
  • Can females choose to avoid mating failure in the seed bug Lygaeus simulans? 

    Greenway, E. V. (Ginny); Balfour, Vicki L.; Shuker, David M. (2017-07) - Journal article
    It is becoming increasingly clear that copulation does not necessarily always lead to offspring production in many organisms, despite fertilization success presumably being under both strong natural and sexual selection. ...
  • Rebuilding beluga stocks in West Greenland 

    Heide-Jørgensen, M. P.; Hansen, R. G.; Fossette, S.; Nielsen, N. H.; Borchers, D. L.; Stern, H.; Witting, L. (2016-11-11) - Journal article
    Decisions about sustainable exploitation levels of marine resources are often based on inadequate data, but are nevertheless required for practical purposes. We describe one exception where abundance estimates spanning ...
  • Barriers and facilitators to smoking cessation in a cancer context : a qualitative study of patient, family and professional views 

    Wells, Mary; Aitchison, Patricia; Harris, Fiona; Ozakinci, Gozde; Radley, Andrew; Bauld, Linda; Entwistle, Vikki; Munro, Alastair John; Haw, Sally; Culbard, Bill; Williams, Brian (2017-05-19) - Journal article
    Background Continued smoking after cancer adversely affects quality of life and survival, but one fifth of cancer survivors still smoke. Despite its demands, cancer presents an opportunity for positive behaviour change. ...

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