The St Andrews Centre for Higher Education Research currently consists of staff across 17 Schools and six central University units. The Centre aims to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration in higher education research. CHER brings together staff interested in conducting evidence-based higher education research to inform local, national and international policy and practice, and to promote a reflective, analytical view of Higher Education activities.

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  • Capture-recapture abundance estimation using a semi-complete data likelihood approach 

    King, Ruth; T. McClintock, Brett; Kidney, Darren; Borchers, David (2016-03) - Journal article
    Capture-recapture data are often collected when abundance estimation is of interest. In the presence of unobserved individual heterogeneity, specified on a continuous scale for the capture probabilities, the likelihood is ...
  • Relationship between e-cigarette point of sale recall and e-cigarette use in secondary school children : a cross-sectional study 

    Best, Catherine; Haseen, Farhana; van der Sluijs, Winfried; Ozakinci, Gozde; Currie, Dorothy Bruce; Eadie, Douglas; Stead, Martine; MacKintosh, Anne Marie; Pearce, Jamie; Tisch, Catherine; MacGregor, Andy; Amos, Amanda; Frank, John; Haw, Sally (2016-04-14) - Journal article
    Background There has been a rapid increase in the retail availability of e-cigarettes in the UK and elsewhere. It is known that exposure to cigarette point-of-sale (POS) displays influences smoking behaviour and intentions ...
  • Novel direct synthesis of mesoporous tin dioxide network intact up to 500°C 

    Aqeel, Tariq; Greer, Heather F.; Zhou, Wuzong; Bruce, Duncan W.; Bumajdad, Ali (2016-03) - Journal article
    We present a direct soft templating method to synthesise mesoporous tin dioxide network that maintains a porous structure after calcination at 400 °C and 500 °C and has a relatively high BET surface area of 220 and 100 m2 ...
  • Zeolite-derived hybrid materials with adjustable organic pillars 

    Opanasenko, Maksym; Shamzhy, Mariya; Yu, Fengjiao; Zhou, Wuzong; Morris, Russell Edward; Cejka, Jiri (2016-02-09) - Journal article
    Porous organic-inorganic materials with tunable textural characteristics were synthesized using the top-down process by intercalating silsesquioxanes and polyhedral oligomeric siloxanes of different types between crystalline ...
  • Dynamic modulation of phosphoprotein expression in ovarian cancer xenograft models 

    Koussounadis, Antonis; Langdon, Simon; Um, In Hwa; Kay, Charlene; Francis, Kyle; Harrison, David James; Smith, V Anne (2016-03-10) - Journal article
    Background: The dynamic changes that occur in protein expression after treatment of a cancer in vivo are poorly described. In this study we measure the effect of chemotherapy over time on the expression of a panel of ...

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