The LOGOS Research Centre was set up in 2001 to develop collaborative research projects into the systems of knowledge by which Greeks and Romans organised their understanding and description of the world. The Centre is designed to foster closer collaboration between these activities, and sponsor new initiatives. LOGOS is based in the School of Classics and functions with the participation of academic staff from Divinity, English, International Relations and Philosophy, together with members of other Schools whose interests include the ancient world.

For more information please visit the Centre for the Study of Ancient Systems of Knowledge (LOGOS) home page.

Recent Submissions

  • Feeling forsaken : Christ's descent into hell in the theology of John Calvin 

    Hill, Preston McDaniel (University of St Andrews, 2021-07-01) - Thesis
    There currently exists a substantial lacuna in scholarship on the place of Christ’s descent into hell in the theology of John Calvin. Although Calvin devoted five times more space in his ‘Institutes’ to Christ’s descent ...