The LOGOS Research Centre was set up in 2001 to develop collaborative research projects into the systems of knowledge by which Greeks and Romans organised their understanding and description of the world. The Centre is designed to foster closer collaboration between these activities, and sponsor new initiatives. LOGOS is based in the School of Classics and functions with the participation of academic staff from Divinity, English, International Relations and Philosophy, together with members of other Schools whose interests include the ancient world.

For more information please visit the Centre for the Study of Ancient Systems of Knowledge (LOGOS) home page.

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  • Immortality in Empedocles 

    Long, Alex (2017-01) - Journal article
    The paper examines Empedocles’ attributions of immortality. I argue that Empedocles does not withhold immortality from the gods but rather has an unorthodox conception of what immortality is. Immortality does not mean, or ...
  • Transitioning between school- and university-level Latin learning : a Scottish perspective 

    Buckley, Emma; König, Alice; Kotarcic, Ana (2017-05-11) - Journal article
    Students are arriving to study Latin at university with an increasingly diverse range of qualifications (including no Latin at all). This is something to celebrate. University Classics departments want students from different ...
  • Academic eloquence and the end of Cicero's de finibus 

    Long, Alexander George (2015-03-01) - Journal article
    The paper considers why the structure of Cicero’s De Finibus implicitly favours the Academy, even though Cicero avoids a decision between the Stoic theory and Antiochus’ theory. Cicero’s educational aims require him to ...
  • Romanization 2.0 and its alternatives 

    Woolf, Greg (2014-06) - Journal article
    This essay argues that Romanization revolves around understanding objects in motion and that Roman archaeologists should therefore focus on (1) globalization theory and (2) material-culture studies as important theoretical ...
  • Landscape and reality in Apuleius' Metamorphoses 

    König, Jason Peter (Barkhuis, 2013) - Book item

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