CREEM is an inter-disciplinary research centre at the University of St Andrews, linking researchers from the schools of Mathematics and Statistics, Biology and Geography and Geosciences. Our remit is to develop and apply advanced mathematical and statistical methods to practical problems in biology, ecology and geography.

For more information please visit the Centre for Research into Ecological & Environmental Modelling (CREEM) home page.

Recent Submissions

  • Incorporating animal movement into distance sampling 

    Glennie, Richard; Buckland, Stephen Terrence; Langrock, Roland; Gerrodette, Tim; Ballance, Lisa; Chivers, Susan; Scott, Michael; Perrin, William (2017-09-08) - Journal article
    Distance sampling is a popular statistical method to estimate the density of wild animal populations. Conventional distance sampling represents animals as fixed points in space that are detected with an unknown probability ...
  • Open population maximum likelihood spatial capture-recapture 

    Glennie, Richard; Borchers, David Louis; Murchie, Matthew; Harmsen, Bart; Foster, Rebecca (2017-09-04) - Journal article
    Open population capture-recapture models are widely used to estimate population demographics and abundance over time. Bayesian methods exist to incorporate open population modelling with spatial capture-recapture, allowing ...
  • Shipping noise in a dynamic sea : a case study of grey seals in the Celtic Sea 

    Chen, F.; Shapiro, G. I.; Bennett, K. A.; Ingram, S. N.; Thompson, D.; Vincent, C.; Russell, D. J. F.; Embling, C. B. (2017-01-15) - Journal article
    Shipping noise is a threat to marine wildlife. Grey seals are benthic foragers, and thus experience acoustic noise throughout the water column, which makes them a good model species for a case study of the potential impacts ...
  • Spatio-temporal variation in click production rates of beaked whales : implications for passive acoustic density estimation 

    Warren, Victoria E.; Marques, Tiago A.; Harris, Danielle; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter L.; Aguilar de Soto, Natacha; Hickmott, Leigh S.; Johnson, Mark P. (2017-03) - Journal article
    Passive acoustic monitoring has become an increasingly prevalent tool for estimating density of marine mammals, such as beaked whales, which vocalize often but are difficult to survey visually. Counts of acoustic cues ...
  • Fine-scale harbour seal usage for informed marine spatial planning 

    Jones, Esther Lane; Sparling, Carol Elizabeth; McConnell, Bernie J; Morris, Christopher; Smout, Sophie Caroline (2017-09-14) - Journal article
    High-resolution species distribution maps are required for marine spatial planning, consenting, and licensing to assess interactions between anthropogenic activities and ecosystems. This approach can inform conservation ...

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