CREEM is an inter-disciplinary research centre at the University of St Andrews, linking researchers from the schools of Mathematics and Statistics, Biology and Geography and Geosciences. Our remit is to develop and apply advanced mathematical and statistical methods to practical problems in biology, ecology and geography.

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  • Improved estimates of digestion correction factors and passage rates for harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) prey in the northeast Atlantic 

    Wilson, Lindsay J.; Grellier, Kate; Hammond, Philip S. (2017-10) - Journal article
    Diet composition in pinnipeds is widely estimated using hard prey remains recovered from feces. To estimate the size and number of prey represented in fecal samples accurately, digestion correction factors (DCFs) must be ...
  • Determining the behavioural dose-response relationship of marine mammals to air gun noise and source proximity 

    Dunlop, Rebecca A.; Noad, Michael J.; McCauley, Robert D.; Scott-Hayward, Lindesay Alexandra Sarah; Kniest, Eric; Slade, Robert; Paton, David; Cato, Douglas H. (2017-08-16) - Journal article
    The effect of various anthropogenic sources of noise (e.g. sonar, seismic surveys) on the behaviour of marine mammals is sometimes quantified as a dosetextendashresponse relationship, where the probability of an animal ...
  • Modelling the broadband propagation of marine mammal echolocation clicks for click-based population density estimates 

    von Benda-Beckmann, Alexander; Thomas, Leonard Joseph; Tyack, Peter Lloyd; Ainslie, Michael (2018-02) - Journal article
    Passive acoustic monitoring with widely-dispersed hydrophones has been suggested as a cost-effective method to monitor population densities of echolocating marine mammals. This requires an estimate of the area around each ...
  • Divergent biodiversity change within ecosystems 

    Magurran, Anne Elizabeth; Deacon, Amy Elizabeth; Moyes, Faye Helen; Shimadzu, Hideyasu; Azeredo de Dornelas, Maria Ana; Phillip, Dawn; Ramnarine, Indar (2018-02-20) - Journal article
    The Earth’s ecosystems are under unprecedented pressure, yet the nature of contemporary biodiversity change is not well understood. Growing evidence that community size is regulated highlights the need for improved ...
  • Spatial modeling with R-INLA : a review 

    Bakka, Haakon; Rue, Håvard; Fuglstad, Geir-arne; Riebler, Andrea; Bolin, David; Illian, Janine; Krainski, Elias; Simpson, Daniel; Lindgren, Finn (2018-07-05) - Journal item
    Coming up with Bayesian models for spatial data is easy, but performing inference with them can be challenging. Writing fast inference code for a complex spatial model with realistically‐sized datasets from scratch is ...

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