The School of Psychology & Neuroscience has consistently been ranked one of the best research departments in the UK. Our research is broadly organised around 5 research themes, namely human cognition, neuroscience, origins of mind, perception, and social psychology, with many members of the School carrying out research in more than one theme. Researchers from the School also contribute to numerous interdisciplinary research centres and institutes.

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Recent Submissions

  • Learning behaviour and learning outcomes : the roles for social influence and field of study 

    Smyth, Lillian; Mavor, Kenneth I.; Platow, Michael J. (2017-03) - Journal article
    Research has demonstrated a significant role of discipline social identification in predicting learning approaches, even controlling for individual differences. Smyth et al. (Educ Psychol 35(1):53–72, 2015. doi:10.1080/0 ...
  • Is countershading camouflage robust to lighting change due to weather? 

    Penacchio, Olivier; Lovell, P. George; Harris, Julie M. (2018-02-07) - Journal article
    Countershading is a pattern of colouration thought to have evolved in order to implement camouflage. By adopting a pattern of colouration that makes the surface facing towards the sun darker and the surface facing away ...
  • Remembering past exchanges : apes fail to use social cues 

    Lewis, Amy; Bernsten, Dorthe; Call, Josep (2018-02) - Journal article
    Nonhuman primates can remember events from their distant past. Furthermore, they can distinguish between very similar events by the process of binding. So far, research into long-term memory and binding has focused on the ...
  • Do masculine men smell better? An association between skin color masculinity and female preferences for body odor 

    Carrito, Mariana L.; Santos, Isabel M.; Alho, Laura; Ferreira, Jacqueline; Soares, Sandra C.; Bem-Haja, Pedro; Silva, Carlos F.; Perrett, David I. (2017-03-01) - Journal article
    A recent study claimed face skin color as a sexually dimorphic variable that influences attractiveness preferences in mate choice. Thereby, skin color may assume the role of a mate quality signal influencing attractiveness ...
  • Socially transmitted diffusion of a novel behavior from subordinate chimpanzees 

    Watson, Stuart K.; Reamer, Lisa A.; Mareno, Mary Catherine; Vale, Gillian; Harrison, Rachel A.; Lambeth, Susan P.; Schapiro, Steven J.; Whiten, Andrew (2017-06) - Journal article
    Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) demonstrate much cultural diversity in the wild, yet a majority of novel behaviors do not become group-wide traditions. Since many such novel behaviors are introduced by low-ranking individuals, ...

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