The School of Psychology & Neuroscience has consistently been ranked one of the best research departments in the UK. Our research is broadly organised around 5 research themes, namely human cognition, neuroscience, origins of mind, perception, and social psychology, with many members of the School carrying out research in more than one theme. Researchers from the School also contribute to numerous interdisciplinary research centres and institutes.

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Recent Submissions

  • Food cleaning in gorillas : social learning is a possibility but not a necessity 

    Neadle, Damien; Allritz, Matthias; Tennie, Claudio (2017-12-04) - Journal article
    Food cleaning is widespread in the animal kingdom, and a recent report confirmed that (amongst other behaviours) wild western lowland gorillas also show food cleaning. The authors of this report conclude that this behaviour, ...
  • Skin temperature and reproductive condition in wild female chimpanzees 

    Dezecache, Guillaume; Wilke, Claudia; Richi, Nathalie; Neumann, Christof; Zuberbuhler, Klaus (2017-12-05) - Journal article
    Infrared thermal imaging has emerged as a valuable tool in veterinary medicine, in particular for evaluating reproductive processes. Here, we explored differences in skin temperature of twenty female chimpanzees in Budongo ...
  • Tool selection during foraging in two species of funnel ants 

    Maák, István; Lőrinczi, Gábor; Módra, Gábor; Bovet, Dalila; Call, Josep; d’Ettore, Patrizia (2017-01) - Journal article
    Tool use by non-human animals has received much research attention in the last couple of decades. Nonetheless, research has focused mostly on vertebrates, particularly primates and corvids, even though tool use has also ...
  • Trends in adolescent overweight perception and its association with psychosomatic health 2002-2014 : evidence from 33 countries 

    Whitehead, Ross; Berg, Christina; Cosma, Alina; Gobina, Inese; Keane, Eimear; Neville, Fergus; Ojala, Kristiina; Kelly, Colette (2017-02) - Journal article
    Purpose : Perceiving oneself as overweight is common and strongly associated with adolescents’ subjective well-being. The prevalence of overweight perceptions and their impact on well-being may have increased over the past ...
  • Development of the MapMe intervention body image scales of known weight status for 4-5 and 10-11 year old children 

    Jones, A; Tovee, Martin; Cutler, L; Parkinson, K; Ells, L; Araujo-Soares, V; Pearce, M; Mann, K; Scott, D; Harris, Julie; Adamson, Ashley (2017-11-28) - Journal article
    Background: Parents tend to visually assess children to determine their weight status and typically underestimate child body size. A visual tool may aid parents to more accurately assess child weight status and so support ...

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