The School of Psychology & Neuroscience has consistently been ranked one of the best research departments in the UK. Our research is broadly organised around 5 research themes, namely human cognition, neuroscience, origins of mind, perception, and social psychology, with many members of the School carrying out research in more than one theme. Researchers from the School also contribute to numerous interdisciplinary research centres and institutes.

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Recent Submissions

  • Orangutans (Pongo abelii) make flexible decisions relative to reward quality and tool functionality in a multi-dimensional tool-use task 

    Laumer, Isabelle B.; Auersperg, Alice M. I.; Bugnyar, Thomas; Call, Josep (2019-02-13) - Journal article
    Making economic decisions in a natural foraging situation that involves the use of tools, may require an animal to consider more levels of relational complexity than merely deciding between an immediate and a delayed food ...
  • The resilience paradox : flooding experience, coping and climate change mitigation intentions 

    Ogunbode, Charles Adedayo; Boehm, Gisela; Capstick, Stuart; Demski, Carolina; Spence, Alexa; Tausch, Nicole (2018-12-24) - Journal article
    Climate change is projected to increase the frequency, intensity and unpredictability of extreme weather events across the globe and these events are likely to have significant mental health implications. The mental health ...
  • Misremembrance of things past : depression is associated with difficulties in the recollection of both specific and categoric autobiographical memories 

    Hitchcock, Caitlin; Rodrigues, Evangeline; Rees, Catrin; Gormley, Siobhan; Dritschel, Barbara; Dalgleish, Tim (2018-11-08) - Journal article
    Impaired retrieval of specific, autobiographical memories of personally experienced events is characteristic of major depressive disorder (MDD). However, findings in subclinical samples suggest that the reduced specificity ...
  • The comparative genomics and complex population history of Papio baboons 

    Rogers, Jeffrey; Raveendran, Muthuswamy; Harris, R. Alan; Mailund, Thomas; Leppälä, Kalle; Athanasiadis, Georgios; Schierup, Mikkel Heide; Cheng, Jade; Munch, Kasper; Walker, Jerilyn A.; Konkel, Miriam K.; Jordan, Vallmer; Steely, Cody J.; Beckstrom, Thomas O.; Bergey, Christina; Burrell, Andrew; Schrempf, Dominik; Noll, Angela; Kothe, Maximillian; Kopp, Gisela H.; Liu, Yue; Murali, Shwetha; Billis, Konstantinos; Martin, Fergal J.; Muffato, Matthieu; Cox, Laura; Else, James; Disotell, Todd; Muzny, Donna M.; Phillips-conroy, Jane; Aken, Bronwen; Eichler, Evan E.; Marques-bonet, Tomas; Kosiol, Carolin; Batzer, Mark A.; Hahn, Matthew W.; Tung, Jenny; Zinner, Dietmar; Roos, Christian; Jolly, Clifford J.; Gibbs, Richard A.; Worley, Kim C. (2019-01-30) - Journal article
    Recent studies suggest that closely related species can accumulate substantial genetic and phenotypic differences despite ongoing gene flow, thus challenging traditional ideas regarding the genetics of speciation. Baboons ...
  • Assessing host-virus codivergence for close relatives of Merkel cell polyomavirus infecting African great apes 

    Madinda, Nadège F.; Ehlers, Bernhard; Wertheim, Joel O.; Akoua-Koffi, Chantal; Bergl, Richard A.; Boesch, Christophe; Akonkwa, Dieudonné Boji Mungu; Eckardt, Winnie; Fruth, Barbara; Gillespie, Thomas R.; Gray, Maryke; Hohmann, Gottfried; Karhemere, Stomy; Kujirakwinja, Deo; Langergraber, Kevin; Muyembe, Jean Jacques; Nishuli, Radar; Pauly, Maude; Petrzelkova, Klara J.; Robbins, Martha M.; Todd, Angelique; Schubert, Grit; Stoinski, Tara S.; Wittig, Roman M.; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Peeters, Martine; Leendertz, Fabian H.; Calvignac-Spencer, Sébastien (2016-10) - Journal article
    It has long been hypothesized that polyomaviruses (PyV; family Polyomaviridae) codiverged with their animal hosts. In contrast, recent analyses suggested that codivergence may only marginally influence the evolution of ...

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