The School of Psychology & Neuroscience has consistently been ranked one of the best research departments in the UK. Our research is broadly organised around 5 research themes, namely human cognition, neuroscience, origins of mind, perception, and social psychology, with many members of the School carrying out research in more than one theme. Researchers from the School also contribute to numerous interdisciplinary research centres and institutes.

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  • Morphologically structured vocalizations in female Diana monkeys 

    Coye, Camille; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Lemasson, Alban (2016-05) - Journal article
    Social complexity is often thought of as a driving force in the evolution of communication and cognition, but this is at odds with the fact that nonhuman primates generally display only very limited flexibility in vocal ...
  • Perception of health from facial cues 

    Henderson, Audrey Joan; Holzleitner, Iris Jasmin; Talamas, Sean N.; Perrett, David Ian (2016-05-05) - Journal article
    Impressions of health are integral to social interactions, yet poorly understood. A review of the literature reveals multiple facial characteristics that potentially act as cues to health judgements. The cues vary in their ...
  • Transgenerational transmission of a stress-coping phenotype programmed by early-life stress in the Japanese quail 

    Zimmer, Cédric; Larriva, Maria; Boogert, Neeltje J.; Spencer, Karen A. (2017-04-07) - Journal article
    An interesting aspect of developmental programming is the existence of transgenerational effects that influence offspring characteristics and performance later in life. These transgenerational effects have been hypothesized ...
  • Identifying partially schematic units in the code-mixing of an English and German speaking child 

    Endesfelder Quick, Antje; Lieven, Elena; Carpenter, Malinda; Tomasello, Michael (2017-03-07) - Journal article
    Intra-sentential code-mixing presents a number of puzzles for theories of bilingualism. In this paper, we examine the code-mixed English-German utterances of a young English-German-Spanish trilingual child between 1;10 – ...
  • Great apes distinguish true from false beliefs in an interactive helping task 

    Buttelmann, David; Buttelmann, Frances; Carpenter, Malinda; Call, Josep; Tomasello, Michael (2017-04-05) - Journal article
    Understanding the behavior of others in a wide variety of circumstances requires an understanding of their psychological states. Humans’ nearest primate relatives, the great apes, understand many psychological states of ...

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