Focusing on the transnational and the peripheral elements of film, we develop and expand the entire realm of film scholarship. Working on areas from Deleuze to Korean cinema, from digital cinema to Eastern Europe, from transnational auteurs to documentary and activist films, and many areas in between, we promise a vibrant and engaging research environment for students and scholars.

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Recent Submissions

  • In-between worlds : exploring trauma through fantasy 

    Shields, Amber (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    While fantasy as a genre is often dismissed as frivolous and inappropriate, it is highly relevant in representing and working through trauma. The fantasy genre presents spectators with images of the unsettled and unresolved, ...
  • Title redacted 

    Grgić, Ana (University of St Andrews, 2016) - Thesis
  • The specificity of the aesthetics of slowness in contemporary Romanian cinema 

    Popa, Emilia Diana (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-28) - Thesis
    Contemporary Romanian cinema, particularly in its internationally successful instances, displays formal characteristics that have often led to its being seen in terms of the so-called Slow Cinema trend in contemporary ...
  • The cinematic corpography of war : re-mapping the war film through the body 

    Rositzka, Eileen (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
    In this thesis, I explore the ways the sensory experience of war is staged as a corporeal apprehension of space in the Hollywood war film. Placing an emphasis on films that foreground tactile, and sonic experience in combat ...
  • Mnemonic communities : politics of World War II memory in Thai screen culture 

    Prasannam, Natthanai (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-28) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the politics of World War II memory in Thai screen culture with special reference to films and television series produced between the 1970s and the 2010s. Framed by memory studies and film studies ...

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