Focusing on the transnational and the peripheral elements of film, we develop and expand the entire realm of film scholarship. Working on areas from Deleuze to Korean cinema, from digital cinema to Eastern Europe, from transnational auteurs to documentary and activist films, and many areas in between, we promise a vibrant and engaging research environment for students and scholars.

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Recent Submissions

  • Breathing bodies : sounding subjectivity in the war film 

    Lovatt, Philippa (2016) - Journal article
    In this article, through close comparative analysis of the sound design of two Iranian films, Bahram Beizai’s Bashu, The Little Stranger (Bashu, gharibeye koochak, 1990) and Bahman Ghobadi’s Turtles Can Fly (Lakposhtha ...
  • "You have to feel a sound for it to be effective" : sonic surfaces in film and television 

    Donaldson, Lucy Fife (Routledge, 2017-05-25) - Book item
    A significant concern in discussions of sound and music in film and television is the relationship between sound and image. The topic can range from the synchronisation of sound effect and action as achieved through foley ...
  • Experimenta India : curating and exhibiting experimental film, video and moving image in India 

    Jain, Anuja (2018) - Journal article
    Founded in 2003 by Indian experimental filmmaker Shai Heredia, Experimenta India has been nurturing an alternative community that recuperates and assembles different traces of Indian artists’ film and video, both historical ...
  • Yesterday's Hadaly : on voicing a feminist media archaeology 

    Flaig, Paul (2018-09-01) - Journal article
    This essay offers a feminist critique and correction of media archaeology. Media archaeology has developed over the last two decades as a historiographic response to increasingly advanced contemporary media technologies ...
  • Inter(acting) : television, performance and synthesis 

    Donaldson, Lucy Fife; Walters, James (2018-08-21) - Journal article
    In placing synthesis as a central dynamic, this article seeks to identify and value the occasions where the work of the television actor manages a delicate balance between functional requirements of an environment and their ...

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