The statistics division has research interests in 3 main areas: wildlife population assessment, ecological and environmental modelling, and statistical inference.

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Recent Submissions

  • Synthetic lethality between androgen receptor signalling and the PARP pathway in prostate cancer 

    Asim, Mohammad; Tarish, Firas; Zecchini, Heather I; Sanjiv, Kumar; Gelali, Eleni; Massie, Charles E; Baridi, Ajoeb; Warren, Anne Y; Zhao, Wanfeng; Ogris, Christoph; McDuffus, Leigh-Anne; Mascalchi, Patrice; Shaw, Greg; Dev, Harveer; Wadhwa, Karan; Wijnhoven, Paul; Forment, Josep V; Lyons, Scott R; Lynch, Andy G; O'Neill, Cormac; Zecchini, Vincent R; Rennie, Paul S; Baniahmad, Aria; Tavaré, Simon; Mills, Ian G; Galanty, Yaron; Crosetto, Nicola; Schultz, Niklas; Neal, David; Helleday, Thomas (2017-08-29) - Journal article
    Emerging data demonstrate homologous recombination (HR) defects in castration-resistant prostate cancers, rendering these tumours sensitive to PARP inhibition. Here we demonstrate a direct requirement for the androgen ...
  • Inference from randomized (factorial) experiments 

    Bailey, Rosemary Anne (2017) - Journal article
    This is a contribution to the discussion of the interesting paper by Ding [Statist. Sci. 32 (2017) 331–345], which contrasts approaches attributed to Neyman and Fisher. I believe that Fisher’s usual assumption was ...
  • Genomic evolution of breast cancer metastasis and relapse 

    Yates, Lucy R.; Knappskog, Stian; Wedge, David; Farmery, James H. R.; Gonzalez, Santiago; Martincorena, Inigo; Alexandrov, Ludmil B.; Van Loo, Peter; Haugland, Hans Kristian; Lilleng, Peer Kaare; Gundem, Gunes; Gerstung, Moritz; Pappaemmanuil, Elli; Gazinska, Patrycja; Bhosle, Shriram G; Jones, David; Raine, Keiran; Mudie, Laura; Latimer, Calli; Sawyer, Elinor; Desmedt, Christine; Sotiriou, Christos; Stratton, Michael R.; Sieuwerts, Anieta M.; Lynch, Andy G.; Martens, John W.; Richardson, Andrea L.; Tutt, Andrew; Lønning, Per Eystein; Campbell, Peter J. (2017-08-14) - Journal article
    Patterns of genomic evolution between primary and metastatic breast cancer have not been studied in large numbers, despite patients with metastatic breast cancer having dismal survival. We sequenced whole genomes or a panel ...
  • Measuring temporal trends in biodiversity 

    Buckland, S. T.; Yuan, Y.; Marcon, Eric (2017-08-12) - Journal article
    In 2002, nearly 200 nations signed up to the 2010 target of the Convention for Biological Diversity, ‘to significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010’. In order to assess whether the target was met, it became ...
  • Authentication and characterisation of a new oesophageal adenocarcinoma cell line : MFD-1 

    Garcia, Edwin; Hayden, Annette; Birts, Charles; Britton, Edward; Cowie, Andrew; Pickard, Karen; Mellone, Massimiliano; Choh, Clarisa; Derouet, Mathieu; Duriez, Patrick; Noble, Fergus; White, Michael J.; Primrose, John N.; Strefford, Jonathan C.; Rose-Zerilli, Matthew; Thomas, Gareth J.; Ang, Yeng; Sharrocks, Andrew D.; Fitzgerald, Rebecca C.; Underwood, Timothy J.; Lynch, Andy G. (2016-09-07) - Journal article
    New biological tools are required to understand the functional significance of genetic events revealed by whole genome sequencing (WGS) studies in oesophageal adenocarcinoma (OAC). The MFD-1 cell line was isolated from a ...

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