Main areas of research activity are algebra, including group theory, semigroup theory, lattice theory, and computational group theory, and analysis, including fractal geometry, multifractal analysis, complex dynamical systems, Kleinian groups, and diophantine approximations.

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Recent Submissions

  • Chains of subsemigroups 

    Cameron, Peter J.; Gadouleau, Maximilien; Mitchell, James D.; Peresse, Yann (2017-06) - Journal article
    We investigate the maximum length of a chain of subsemigroups in various classes of semigroups, such as the full transformation semigroups, the general linear semigroups, and the semigroups of order-preserving transformations ...
  • Imprimitive permutations in primitive groups 

    Araújo, Joao; Araújo, Joao Pedro; Cameron, Peter Jephson; Dobson, Ted; Hulpke, Alexander; Lopes, Pedro (2017-09-15) - Journal article
    The goal of this paper is to study primitive groups that are contained in the union of maximal (in the symmetric group) imprimitive groups. The study of types of permutations that appear inside primitive groups goes back ...
  • On the Hausdorff and packing measures of typical compact metric spaces 

    Jurina, S.; MacGregor, N.; Mitchell, A.; Olsen, L.; Stylianou, A. (2018-04-24) - Journal article
    We study the Hausdorff and packing measures of typical compact metric spaces belonging to the Gromov–Hausdorff space (of all compact metric spaces) equipped with the Gromov–Hausdorff metric.
  • On well quasi-order of graph classes under homomorphic image orderings 

    Huczynska, S.; Ruškuc, N. (2017-06) - Journal article
    In this paper we consider the question of well quasi-order for classes defined by a single obstruction within the classes of all graphs, digraphs and tournaments, under the homomorphic image ordering (in both its standard ...
  • Enumerating transformation semigroups 

    East, James; Egri-Nagy, Attila; Mitchell, James D. (2017-08) - Journal article
    We describe general methods for enumerating subsemigroups of finite semigroups and techniques to improve the algorithmic efficiency of the calculations. As a particular application we use our algorithms to enumerate all ...

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