Main areas of research activity are algebra, including group theory, semigroup theory, lattice theory, and computational group theory, and analysis, including fractal geometry, multifractal analysis, complex dynamical systems, Kleinian groups, and diophantine approximations.

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Recent Submissions

  • Linear response for intermittent maps 

    Baladi, Viviane; Todd, Michael John (2016-11) - Journal article
    We consider the one parameter family α↦Tα (α∈[0,1)) of Pomeau-Manneville type interval maps Tα(x)=x(1+2αxα) for x∈[0,1/2) and Tα(x)=2x−1 for x∈[1/2,1], with the associated absolutely continuous invariant probability measure ...
  • The classification of partition homogeneous groups with applications to semigroup theory 

    André, Jorge; Araúo, Joāo; Cameron, Peter Jephson (2016-04-15) - Journal article
    Let λ=(λ1,λ2,...) be a partition of n, a sequence of positive integers in non-increasing order with sum n. Let Ω:={1,...,n}. An ordered partition P=(A1,A2,...) of Ω has type λ if |Ai|=λi.Following Martin and Sagan, we say ...
  • On The Lq dimensions of measures on Heuter-Lalley type self-affine sets 

    Fraser, Jonathan MacDonald; Kempton, Tom (2017-01-21) - Journal article
    We study the Lq-dimensions of self-affine measures and the Käenmäki measure on a class of self-affine sets similar to the class considered by Hueter and Lalley. We give simple, checkable conditions under which the Lq-dimensions ...
  • A dynamical definition of f.g. virtually free groups 

    Bennett, Daniel; Bleak, Collin (2016-02) - Journal article
    We show that the class of finitely generated virtually free groups is precisely the class of demonstrable subgroups for R. Thompson's group V . The class of demonstrable groups for V consists of all groups which can embed ...
  • On optimality and construction of circular repeated-measurements designs 

    Bailey, Rosemary Anne; Cameron, Peter Jephson; Filipiak, Katarzyna; Kunert, Joachim; Markiewicz, Augustyn (2017-01) - Journal article
    The aim of this paper is to characterize and construct universally optimal designs among the class of circular repeated-measurements designs when the parameters do not permit balance for carry-over effects. It is shown ...

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