Main areas of research activity are algebra, including group theory, semigroup theory, lattice theory, and computational group theory, and analysis, including fractal geometry, multifractal analysis, complex dynamical systems, Kleinian groups, and diophantine approximations.

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Recent Submissions

  • Primitive groups, graph endomorphisms and synchronization 

    Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Cameron, Peter Jephson; Royle, Gordon; Schaefer, Artur (2016-10-03) - Journal article
    Let Ω be a set of cardinality n, G be a permutation group on Ω and f:Ω→Ω be a map that is not a permutation. We say that G synchronizes f if the transformation semigroup ⟨G,f⟩ contains a constant map, and that G is a ...
  • Bernoulli convolutions and 1D dynamics 

    Kempton, Thomas Michael William; Persson, Tomas (2015-10-08) - Journal article
    We describe a family φλ of dynamical systems on the unit interval which preserve Bernoulli convolutions. We show that if there are parameter ranges for which these systems are piecewise convex, then the corresponding ...
  • Three-dimensional forced-damped dynamical systems with rich dynamics : bifurcations, chaos and unbounded solutions 

    Miyaji, Tomoyuki; Okamoto, Hisashi; Craik, Alexander Duncan Davidson (2015) - Journal article
    We consider certain autonomous three-dimensional dynamical systems that can arise in mechanical and fluid-dynamical contexts. Extending a previous study in Craik and Okamoto (2002), to include linear forcing and damping, ...
  • Recurrence and transience for suspension flows 

    Iommi, Godofredo; Jordan, Thomas; Todd, Michael John (2015) - Journal article
    We study the thermodynamic formalism for suspension flows over countable Markov shifts with roof functions not necessarily bounded away from zero. We establish conditions to ensure the existence and uniqueness of equilibrium ...
  • A note on the probability of generating alternating or symmetric groups 

    Morgan, Luke; Roney-Dougal, Colva Mary (2015-09) - Journal article
    We improve on recent estimates for the probability of generating the alternating and symmetric groups An and Sn. In particular, we find the sharp lower bound if the probability is given by a quadratic in n−1. This leads ...

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