St Andrews has a long-standing reputation in particular for research in French, German, Italian, Russian and Hispanic Studies, and has expanded its interests to include Arabic, Persian and Comparative Literature. We also have a number of research institutes which allow colleagues with shared interests in different departments to work on research projects together. In addition to these concentrations, with their respective areas of interest covering a wealth of disciplines which include world literature, linguistics, cinema, history, gender, identity studies, and comparative literature.

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Recent Submissions

  • Interview: Algo más que un parque 

    Larre Borges, Ana Inés (Brecha, 2012-03-29) - Journal item
    Gustavo San Román, investigador uruguayo radicado en Escocia, resultó el ganador del concurso internacional José Enrique Rodó, con un trabajo sobre la "Influencia y actualidad del pensamiento de José Enrique Rodó".* Brecha ...