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    • The Mamluks and the Armenian kingdom during the reigns of King Hetùm II (1289-1307) 

      Stewart, Angus Donal (University of St Andrews, 2000) - Thesis
      This dissertation describes the history of the Armenian kingdom in Cilicia, and the relations between the Mamluks and the Armenians, especially during the period between 688AH/1289CE and 707/1307. The conflict between the ...
    • Teaching and preaching in late Anglo-Saxon England, 991-1020 

      Correa, Alicia Michelle Harting (University of St Andrews, 1984) - Thesis
      This study focuses on the development of Christian education in the late Anglo-Saxon period, 991-1020. It examines Abbot AElfric's and Archbishop Wulfstan's three methods of communication among Christian educators: vernacular ...
    • Politics, policy and power : the Marcher lords and the English crown in the March of Wales, 1254-1272 

      Ayton, Alastair Iain (University of St Andrews, 2020-12-01) - Thesis
      This thesis is a study of Marcher lords between 1254 and 1272. Those studied include: the Bigod earls of Norfolk; the de Clare earls of Gloucester and Hertford; the de Bohun earls of Hereford and Essex; the Mortimer lords ...
    • The production of the Anglo-Saxon laws : from Alfred to Cnut 

      Ivarsen, Ingrid (University of St Andrews, 2020-07-30) - Thesis
      This thesis examines the production of written law in Anglo-Saxon England by asking some basic questions. What is ‘an Anglo-Saxon law’? Where and when were surviving laws made? Who wrote them? What characterizes the laws ...
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      Merino Jaso, Maria Sofia (University of St Andrews, 2020-07-30) - Thesis