The School of English has a dynamic research culture, which involves staff, postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows in attending and organizing international conferences and literary festivals; in undertaking collaborative research and archival projects; as well as in the individual work of scholarly editing and the writing of monographs and works of literature. Our research work is divided into four groups, of which staff are members, and postgraduate students are associate members. These groups are: Mediaeval and Renaissance; 18th Century, Romantic and Victorian; Modern and Contemporary; and Creative Writing.

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  • The eco-philosophical poem : enacting ecological theory through a formal poetics 

    Painter-MacArthur, Tarn William (2024-12-03) - Thesis
    The following thesis investigates why eco-philosophy and eco-poetry should be studied and read concurrently. Specifically, it demonstrates how eco-poetry formally enacts foundational eco-philosophical theories and processes ...
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    Pope, Grace Caroline (2024-06-11) - Thesis
    Abstract redacted
  • John Keats and aspects of Christianity, 1600-1821 

    Liu, Winifred Wing Yin (University of St Andrews, 2024-06-11) - Thesis
    This thesis explores the poet John Keats’s engagement with Christianity from three primary areas of interest. In my introduction I acknowledge existing scholarship on Keats’s religious stance, and explain my methodology ...
  • The biopolitics of ectogenesis in modern and contemporary anglophone literature 

    Campbell, Anna Jane (2024-06-11) - Thesis
    Ectogenesis is a theoretical artificial reproductive technology (ART) that entails gestating a mammalian embryo in an artificial or external womb. The term was coined in 1923 by J. B. S. Haldane, his neologism borrowing ...
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    Harvey, Sam (2024-06-11) - Thesis
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