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    • The Aurunci and Sidicini 

      Smith, Christopher John (de Gruyter, 2017-11) - Book item
    • Forgetting the Juvenalien in our midst : literary amnesia in the satires 

      Geue, Tom Alexander (Cambridge University Press, 2018-02) - Book item
    • Servius, Cato the Elder and Virgil 

      Smith, Christopher John (2017) - Journal article
      This paper considers one of the most significant of the authors cited in the Servian tradition, Cato the Elder. He is cited more than any other historian, and looked at the other way round, Servius is a very important ...
    • The fifth-century crisis 

      Smith, Christopher John (2017-10-26) - Journal article
      This essay seeks to establish the parameters of our uncertainty concerning one of the most difficult periods of Roman history, the period between the traditional end of the Roman monarchy and the passing of the Licinio-Sextian ...
    • J.B. Ward-Perkins, the BSR and the landscape tradition in post-war Italian archaeology 

      Smith, Christopher John (2017-10-26) - Journal article
      Nothing has so characterized the British School at Rome's approach, from its inception, as the commitment to landscape archaeology in one form or another. This paper discusses the origins of this commitment in the work of ...