Members of the centre work on the literatures and cultural history of the Roman Empire from the late Hellenistic period right through to late antiquity. All of the projects within the Centre are tied together by attention to a single overarching question: how were established literary forms reconfigured in response to the political and cultural changes that followed the first sustained contact between Greece and Rome in the second century BC, and especially the new monarchical and imperial order inaugurated by Augustus?

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Recent Submissions

  • Justifying the world as an aesthetic phenomenon 

    Halliwell, Francis Stephen (2018-05-21) - Journal article
    This article scrutinises one of the most challenging and provocative theses of Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy, that only as an aesthetic phenomenon can existence and the world be (or appear to be) ‘justified’. The thesis, ...
  • Circles and landscapes : Ceres’ flight over the Greco-Roman world 

    Manioti, Nikoletta (2017) - Journal article
    Ovid’s version of Ceres’ travels in search for her daughter Proserpina in Fasti 4 reflects contemporary geographical views. We note an expansion of horizons that has already happened in Callimachus Hymn 6 compared to the ...
  • Conflicting models of authority and expertise in Frontinus’ Strategemata 

    Konig, Alice Rebecca (Cambridge University Press, 2017-01) - Book item
    At the start of his Strategemata, Frontinus claims to be (almost) unique in having drawn up a ‘science’ of warfare. He is referring to his now lost treatise, On the Art of War, and stamping his authority and expertise on ...
  • Scotland's political culture : the need to put consensus first 

    Konig, Alice Rebecca; Chrisman, Matthew; Virgo, Sarah (The RSE Young Academy of Scotland, 2017-09-20) - Book item
    One year on from the Brexit Referendum vote, the Young Academy of Scotland have released a report, Brexit: The Impact on Scotland. The report comprises of ten articles, each focusing on the impact of Brexit on a different ...
  • Tracing the Ebb and Flow of de Architectura 8 

    König, Alice Rebecca (2016) - Journal article

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