The Centre for Global Constitutionalism (CGC) provides an institutional home for the exploration of constitutionalism at the national, regional, and global levels. The Centre’s programmes, projects, and people are oriented toward the clarification and consolidation of constitutionalism as a political project.

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  • Gift-giving and inheritance strategies in late Roman law and legal practice 

    Humfress, Caroline (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2017-06-07) - Book item
    In Roman law, an inheritance could be passed on according to the rules of intestate or testate succession. The Roman law of succession presents people with an enormous display of legal ingenuity. This chapter analyses some ...
  • Rules, power and constitutions : following Onuf 

    Lang, Anthony (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2017-05-23) - Book item
    This chapter explores the role of power in the theory of global constitutionalism. It draws on the work of Nicholas Onuf, whose launched constructivist IR theory. It borrows from Onuf the idea of rules and rule making, but ...
  • The Fergusson affair: Calvinism and dissimulation in the Scottish Enlightenment 

    Kidd, Colin Craig (2016-06-27) - Journal article
  • Thomas Hobbes: theorist of the law 

    Lang, Anthony F.; Slomp, Gabriella (2015-12-28) - Journal article
    This short article introduces the papers that follow on the topic of Hobbes as a theorist of the law. It provides an overview of Hobbes reputation as a theorist of law in both domestic and international theory. The paper ...
  • Magna Carta 

    Holt, James (Cambridge University Press, 2015-05) - Book
    3rd edition of classic work, with new introduction and additional material

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