The School promotes an interdisciplinary approach to both applied and fundamental research problems and to postgraduate training. Research in the School is organised into three major interdisciplinary centres: the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI), Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC) and Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD). Together these centres encompass the full spectrum of research in biological sciences, spanning investigations on the properties and behaviour of individual molecules to planetary environmental dynamics.

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  • Stress hormones, social associations and song learning in zebra finches 

    Boogert, Neeltje J.; Lachlan, Robert F.; Spencer, Karen A; Templeton, Christopher N; Farine, Damien R (2018-09-26) - Journal article
    The use of information provided by others is a common short-cut adopted to inform decision-making. However, instead of indiscriminately copying others, animals are often selective in what, when and whom they copy. How do ...
  • The enzymatic degradation of heparan sulfate 

    Griffin, Laura Susan; Gloster, Tracey Maureen (2017-08) - Journal item
    Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) such as heparan sulfate (HS) interact with a number of factors in the extracellular matrix (ECM) and as a consequence play a key role in the metabolic processes occurring within the cell. The ...
  • Why war is a man's game 

    Micheletti, Alberto Jacopo Cesare; Ruxton, Graeme Douglas; Gardner, Andy (2018-08-15) - Journal article
    Interest in the evolutionary origins and drivers of warfare in ancient and contemporary small-scale human societies has greatly increased in the last decade, and has been particularly spurred by exciting archaeological ...
  • Revealing the mechanism for covalent inhibition of glycoside hydrolases by carbasugars at an atomic level 

    Ren, Weiwu; Pengelly, Robert Joseph; Farren-Dai, Marco; Abadi, Saeideh Shamsi Kazem; Oehler, Verena; Akintola, Oluwafemi; Draper, Jason; Meanwell, Michael; Chakladar, Saswati; Swiderek, Katazyna; Moliner, Vincent; Britton, Robert; Gloster, Tracey; Bennet, Andrew (2018-08-13) - Journal article
    Mechanism-based glycoside hydrolase inhibitors are carbohydrate analogs that mimic the natural substrate’s structure. Their covalent bond formation with the glycoside hydrolase makes these compounds excellent tools for ...
  • Modelling the broadband propagation of marine mammal echolocation clicks for click-based population density estimates 

    von Benda-Beckmann, Alexander; Thomas, Leonard Joseph; Tyack, Peter Lloyd; Ainslie, Michael (2018-02) - Journal article
    Passive acoustic monitoring with widely-dispersed hydrophones has been suggested as a cost-effective method to monitor population densities of echolocating marine mammals. This requires an estimate of the area around each ...

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