The School promotes an interdisciplinary approach to both applied and fundamental research problems and to postgraduate training. Research in the School is organised into three major interdisciplinary centres: the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI), Biomedical Sciences Research Complex (BSRC) and Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD). Together these centres encompass the full spectrum of research in biological sciences, spanning investigations on the properties and behaviour of individual molecules to planetary environmental dynamics.

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Recent Submissions

  • Single nanoparticle tracking of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors in cultured and intact brain tissue 

    Varela, Juan A; Ferreira, Joana S; Dupuis, Julien P; Durand, Pauline; Bouchet, Delphine; Groc, Laurent (2016-10) - Journal article
    Recent developments in single-molecule imaging have revealed many biological mechanisms, providing high spatial and temporal resolution maps of molecular events. In neurobiology, these techniques unveiled that plasma ...
  • Spatial and structural metrics for living cells inspired by statistical mechanics 

    Åberg, Christoffer; Varela, Juan A; Fitzpatrick, Laurence W; Dawson, Kenneth A (2016-10-06) - Journal article
    Experimental observations in cell biology have advanced to a stage where theory could play a larger role, much as it has done in the physical sciences. Possibly the lack of a common framework within which experimentalists, ...
  • Optical structural analysis of individual α-synuclein oligomers 

    Varela, Juan A; Rodrigues, Margarida; De, Suman; Flagmeier, Patrick; Gandhi, Sonia; Dobson, Christopher M; Klenerman, David; Lee, Steven F (2018-04-23) - Journal article
    Small aggregates of misfolded proteins play a key role in neurodegenerative disorders. Such species have proved difficult to study due to the lack of suitable methods capable of resolving these heterogeneous aggregates, ...
  • Toward the suppression of cellular toxicity from single-walled carbon nanotubes 

    Gao, Zhenghong; Varela, Juan A; Groc, Laurent; Lounis, Brahim; Cognet, Laurent (2016-02) - Journal item
    In the multidisciplinary fields of nanobiology and nanomedicine, single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) have shown great promise due to their unique morphological, physical and chemical properties. However, understanding ...
  • FUS phase separation is modulated by a molecular chaperone and methylation of arginine cation-π interactions 

    Qamar, Seema; Wang, GuoZhen; Randle, Suzanne J; Ruggeri, Francesco Simone; Varela, Juan A; Lin, Julie Qiaojin; Phillips, Emma C; Miyashita, Akinori; Williams, Declan; Ströhl, Florian; Meadows, William; Ferry, Rodylyn; Dardov, Victoria J; Tartaglia, Gian G; Farrer, Lindsay A; Kaminski Schierle, Gabriele S; Kaminski, Clemens F; Holt, Christine E; Fraser, Paul E; Schmitt-Ulms, Gerold; Klenerman, David; Knowles, Tuomas; Vendruscolo, Michele; St George-Hyslop, Peter (2018-04-19) - Journal article
    Reversible phase separation underpins the role of FUS in ribonucleoprotein granules and other membrane-free organelles and is, in part, driven by the intrinsically disordered low-complexity (LC) domain of FUS. Here, we ...

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