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    • Emotions in the early common law (c. 1166–1215) 

      Hudson, John (2017) - Journal article
      Beyond dealing with wrongdoing and litigation, law has many other functions. It can be designed to make life more predictable, it can facilitate and promote certain actions, it can seek to prevent disputes by laying down ...
    • Gift-giving and inheritance strategies in late Roman law and legal practice 

      Humfress, Caroline (Routledge, 2017-06-07) - Book item
    • Paradoxes of signification 

      Read, Stephen (2016-11-24) - Journal article
      Ian Rumfitt has recently drawn our attention to a couple of paradoxes of signification, claiming that although Thomas Bradwardine's "multiple-meanings'' account of truth and signification can solve the first of them, it ...
    • Historicizing waterboarding as a severe torture norm 

      Cox, Rory (2018-09-20) - Journal article
      The debate on waterboarding and the wider debate on torture remains fiercely contested. President Trump and large sections of the US public continue to support the use of waterboarding and other so-called 'enhanced ...
    • Flavian epic and Trajanic historiography : speaking into the silence 

      Buckley, Emma (Cambridge University Press, 2018-03) - Book item
      Tacitus’ proem to the Agricola characterises the Flavian period as one lived through by a “silent generation”, and his contemporary Juvenal rails against the pointlessness of contemporary mythological epic (Sat.1.1-11). ...