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    • Gift-giving and inheritance strategies in late Roman law and legal practice 

      Humfress, Caroline (Routledge, 2017-06-07) - Book item
      In Roman law, an inheritance could be passed on according to the rules of intestate or testate succession. The Roman law of succession presents people with an enormous display of legal ingenuity. This chapter analyses some ...
    • Unrecorded copies of Middle English verse and prose in Dublin, Trinity College, MS 352 

      Connolly, Margaret (2018) - Journal article
      This article gives details of otherwise unrecorded copies of extracts from Walter Hilton's 'Scale of Perfection' and from 'Dives and Pauper' which occur in a sixteenth-century manuscript commonplace book, Dublin, Trinity ...
    • The eponymous Jacquerie : making revolt mean some things 

      Firnhaber-Baker, Justine (Routledge, 2016-11-29) - Book item
      Labelling an activity makes it mean something. The decision to term a group of actions a ‘revolt’ or an ‘uprising’ today has profound implications for interpretation, just as calling them ‘rumours’ or ‘takehan’ went to the ...
    • TheoArtistry, and a contemporary perspective on composing sacred choral music 

      Corbett, George (2017-12-28) - Journal article
      This article presents the methodology and research underpinning the TheoArtistry Composers’ Scheme, a project based in ITIA (the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts), School of Divinity, University of St Andrews ...
    • Magna Carta 

      Holt, James (Cambridge University Press, 2015-05) - Book
      3rd edition of classic work, with new introduction and additional material