School staff and students participate in University-wide research centres such as the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the Scottish Studies Network. Our principal strengths lie in the areas of medieval and Renaissance art, in European and American modernism, the history of photography, the decorative arts in Britain and Museum and Gallery Studies.

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Recent Submissions

  • Piety in pieces: how medieval readers customized their manuscripts 

    Rudy, Kathryn Margaret (Open Book Publishers, 2016-09-20) - Book
    Medieval manuscripts resisted obsolescence. Made by highly specialised craftspeople (scribes, illuminators, book binders) with labour-intensive processes using exclusive and sometimes exotic materials (parchment made from ...
  • Animal origin of 13th-century uterine vellum revealed using noninvasive peptide fingerprinting 

    Fiddyment, Sarah; Holsinger, Bruce; Ruzzier, Chiara; Devine, Alexander; Binois, Annelise; Albarella, Umberto; Fischer, Roman; Nichols, Emma; Curtis, Antoinette; Cheese, Edward; Teasdale, Matthew D.; Checkley-Scott, Caroline; Milner, Stephen J.; Rudy, Kathryn Margaret; Johnson, Eric J.; Vnouček, Jiří; Garrison, Mary; McGrory, Simon; Bradley, Daniel G.; Collins, Matthew J. (2015-12-08) - Journal article
    Tissue-thin parchment made it possible to produce the first pocket Bibles: Thousands were made in the 13th century. The source of this parchment, often called “uterine vellum,” has been a long-standing controversy in ...
  • Performing Pop : Marta Minujín and the ‘Argentine Image-Makers’ 

    Spencer, Catherine Elizabeth (2015-12) - Journal article
  • The skin is a screen 

    Rider, Alistair (NYUAD Gallery, 2016-03) - Book item
    This essay discusses works produced over the first ten years of the career of the Syrian American artist Diana Al-Hadid, and is to be published in an exhibition catalogue entitled "Diana Al-Hadid: Phantom Limb", in conjunction ...
  • Intelligent by design : the manuscripts of Walter of Whittlesey, monk of Peterborough 

    Luxford, Julian Marcus (2015) - Journal article
    This article examines two important fourteenth-century manuscripts containing historical and other texts from Peterborough Abbey, both made for a monk named Walter of Whittlesey (Add. MS. 37958 and Add. MS. 47170). It ...

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