School staff and students participate in University-wide research centres such as the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the Scottish Studies Network. Our principal strengths lie in the areas of medieval and Renaissance art, in European and American modernism, the history of photography, the decorative arts in Britain and Museum and Gallery Studies.

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Recent Submissions

  • The significance of form 

    Rose, Sam (2017-01-25) - Journal article
  • The concreteness of concrete art 

    Rider, Alistair (2015) - Journal article
    An analysis of the use of the term 'concrete' in twentieth-century art.
  • The routine art 

    Rider, Alistair (Open Editions, 2016-04-19) - Book item
    This essay examines a trend within contemporary art, in which artists make their lifestyle or a specific ongoing activity as significant as any completed work of art that they might produce.
  • Sewing as authority in the Middle Ages 

    Rudy, Kathryn Margaret (Felix Meiner Verlag GmbH, 2015-01-06) - Book item
    This essay considers medieval sewing in light of Austin’s speech-act theory. Analysing manuscripts, relics, indulgences, and even a bishop’s mitre, the article argues that stitching was a way to enact, or intensify, the ...
  • Piety in pieces: how medieval readers customized their manuscripts 

    Rudy, Kathryn Margaret (Open Book Publishers, 2016-09-20) - Book
    Medieval manuscripts resisted obsolescence. Made by highly specialised craftspeople (scribes, illuminators, book binders) with labour-intensive processes using exclusive and sometimes exotic materials (parchment made from ...

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