School staff and students participate in University-wide research centres such as the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the Scottish Studies Network. Our principal strengths lie in the areas of medieval and Renaissance art, in European and American modernism, the history of photography, the decorative arts in Britain and Museum and Gallery Studies.

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Recent Submissions

  • Nikolai Kul'bin and the Union of Youth, 1908-1914 

    Howard, Jeremy (University of St Andrews, 1991) - Thesis
    The first exhibition organised by Nikolai Kul'bin opened in St. Petersburg in April 1908. It marked the beginning of a new era in the history of the art of the Russian capital, and introduced many young artists to the ...
  • Clothing the saints and furnishing Heaven : a Puritan legacy in the New World 

    Dawber, Charlotte (University of St Andrews, 1996) - Thesis
    The thesis deals with the concepts of Millenarianism and the witnessing of Faith through costume, textiles and related arts. The responses of five religious sects, Amish, Shaker, Puritan, Quakers and Mennonites, are examined. ...
  • The production and collecting of plaster and sulpher paste "impronte" as Grand Tour souvenirs in the 18th and 19th centuries 

    Marchand, K. Scott (University of St Andrews, 1998) - Thesis
    Whilst investigating the origins and nature of impronte, it became increasingly obvious that as objects in and of themselves, very little comprehensive work had been done to address questions of where, how, and why these ...
  • European ceramic design 1500-1830 

    Coutts, Kieran Howard Julian (University of St Andrews, 1994) - Thesis
    This thesis looks at the design and decoration of European ceramics in the period 1500-1830, paying particular attention to their place within the evolution of stylistic trends within European art and design in this period, ...
  • Robert S. Lorimer - interiors and furniture design 

    Shen, Lindsay Macbeth (University of St Andrews, 1994) - Thesis
    Chapter 1, entitled "The Scottish Tradition", builds on the early twentieth-century consensus that Lorimer had resuscitated a moribund Scottish tradition of design. While critics have examined the Scottish roots of Lorimer's ...

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