School staff and students participate in University-wide research centres such as the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the Scottish Studies Network. Our principal strengths lie in the areas of medieval and Renaissance art, in European and American modernism, the history of photography, the decorative arts in Britain and Museum and Gallery Studies.

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Recent Submissions

  • Leonardo in dialogue 

    Borgo, Francesca (2015-11) - Journal item
  • The definition of the museum through its social role 

    Brown, Karen Elizabeth; Mairesse, Francois (2018-10-28) - Journal article
    For the seventh time in its history the ICOM [1] Definition of a Museum is under discussion, with a view to possible revision to be agreed at the General Conference in Kyoto in September 2019. As part of this process, ...
  • T.J. Honeyman : policies towards the popularization of art and the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove 

    Millar, Anne Marie (1992-09-30) - Thesis
    The thesis will examine Dr. T. J. Honeyman's policies towards the popularization of art and of the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove. From 1939-1954, Honeyman was the Director of the Art Gallery and Museum, ...
  • Blood in the shower : a visual history of menstruation and clean bodies 

    Rostvik, Camilla Mork (2018-09) - Journal article
    In 2017, pad brand Bodyform® launched the ‘Blood Normal’ campaign. By depicting realistic-looking blood, the campaign marked a first for a disposable menstrual product. In the advertising video, blood was shown trickling ...
  • Close looking and conviction 

    Rose, Sam (2017-02) - Journal article
    This article offers theoretical and practical reflections on the operations involved in description and interpretation based on ‘close looking’. Explanations are given of the necessary appeal to contexts of origin or ...

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