The Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute (MGCI) was set up for research, education and training in cultural heritage, with a particular focus on museums, art galleries and historic houses, and their collections.

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  • Definir los museos del siglo XXI : experiencias plurales 

    Brulon Soares, Bruno; Brown, Karen; Nazor, Olga; University of St Andrews. School of Art History; University of St Andrews. Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute (ICOFOM, 2018-06-09) - Book
    This publication brings together a selection of papers presented in the three symposiums organized by ICOFOM under the general theme Defining the Museum of the 21st century, with Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda – UNDAV, ...
  • Stillness and temporality in the poetry of Louis MacNeice 

    Brown, Karen Elizabeth (2017-11-30) - Journal article
    This essay brings into focus letters and poems by Louis MacNeice (1907-63) that engage with the museum as a place of silence, stillness, and refuge. From memories of the British Museum formed in his youth to encounters ...
  • Into the past : nationalism and heritage in the neoliberal age 

    Gledhill, James (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-08) - Thesis
    This thesis examines the ideological nexus of nationalism and heritage under the social conditions of neoliberalism. The investigation aims to demonstrate how neoliberal economics stimulate the irrationalism manifest in ...
  • Paradigm or predator? Eco- and community museums in Scotland and Costa Rica 

    Brown, Karen Elizabeth (2017-09-17) - Journal article
    Recent decades have seen a rise in scholarship on the tourist imagination relating to the western gaze towards other cultures. In this essay, my theoretical standpoint is located in a nexus between museum studies, tourism ...
  • Memorials of endurance and adventure : exhibiting British polar exploration, 1819 – c.1939 

    Murray, Katie (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-22) - Thesis
    Over eighty polar-themed exhibitions were held in Britain between 1819 and the 1930s, a time of intense exploration of both the Arctic and Antarctic. These varied from panoramas and human exhibits to displays of ‘relics’, ...

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