The St Andrews Sustainability Institute (SASI) is a group of people at the University of St Andrews who are working towards a sustainable future for everyone. A key objective of SASI is to provide a focus for existing interdisciplinary research at the University and a spark-point for new collaborations across the whole breadth of sustainability. Members of SASI are drawn from more than a dozen academic schools and administrative units within the University.

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Recent Submissions

  • Heterospecific shoaling in an invasive poeciliid: shared history does not affect shoal cohesion 

    Ali, Jarome R.; Deacon, Amy E.; Mahabir, Keshan; Ramnarine, Indar W.; Magurran, Anne E. (2018-04) - Journal article
    Social behaviour potentially plays an important role in invasion success. New colonists, for example, may glean useful information about predators and food by interacting with native heterospecifics. The extent to which ...
  • A glossary for research on human crowd dynamics 

    Consortium for the Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics; Adrian, Juliane; Amos, Martyn; Baratchi, Mitra; Beermann, Mira; Bode, Nikolai; Boltes, Maik; Corbetta, Alessandro; Dezecache, Guillaume; Drury, John; Fu, Zhijian; Geraerts, Roland; Gwynne, Steve; Hofinger, Gesine; Hunt, Aoife; Kanters, Tinus; Kneidl, Angelika; Konya, Krisztina; Köster, Gerta; Küpper, Mira; Michalareas, Georgios; Neville, Fergus; Ntonis, Evangelos; Reicher, Stephen; Ronchi, Enrico; Schadschneider, Andreas; Seyfried, Armin; Shipman, Alastair; Sieben, Anna; Spearpoint, Michael; Sullivan, Gavin; Templeton, Anne; Toschi, Federico; van der Wal, Natalie; van Schadewijk, Frank; von Krüchten, Cornelia; Wijermans, Nanda; Yücel, Zeynep; Zanlungo, Francesco; Zuriguel, Iker (2019-03-01) - Journal article
    This article presents a glossary of terms that are frequently used in research on human crowds. This topic is inherently multidisciplinary as it includes work in and across computer science, engineering, mathematics, ...
  • The construction of feelings of justice in environmental management : an empirical study of multiple biodiversity conflicts in Calakmul, Mexico 

    Lecuyer, Lou; White, Rehema M.; Schmook, Birgit; Lemay, Violaine; Calmé, Sophie (2018-05-01) - Journal article
    A failure to address social concerns in biodiversity conservation can lead to feelings of injustice among some actors, and hence jeopardize conservation goals. The complex socio-cultural and political context of the Calakmul ...
  • Prioritising stakeholder engagement for forest health, across spatial, temporal and governance scales, in an era of austerity 

    White, Rehema M.; Young, Juliette; Marzano, Mariella; Leahy, Sharon (2018-05-15) - Journal article
    Tree health is a major concern for forest managers as well as others who enjoy the benefits of trees, woods and forests. We know that stakeholder engagement can help define what people find important about forests and ...
  • Nondestructive 3D imaging and quantification of hydrated biofilm-sediment aggregates using X-ray microcomputed tomography 

    Zhang, Naiyu; Thompson, Charlotte E.L.; Townend, Ian H.; Rankin, Kathryn E.; Paterson, David M.; Manning, Andrew J. (2018-11-20) - Journal article
    Biofilm-sediment aggregate (BSA) contains a high water content, either within internal pores and channels or bound by extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) forming a highly hydrated biofilm matrix. Desiccation of BSAs ...

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