Research at the Centre for GeoInformatics spans a wide range of research areas, including substantive topics such as human mobility, global oceans, housing, health and a whole range of topics in between, as well as statistical methods development and visualisations. Through our many research projects, one thing remains constant: spatial data. At CGI we are all about collecting, managing, exploring, and understanding spatial data.

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Recent Submissions

  • Modelling spatial distributions of alpine vegetation : a graph theory approach to delineate ecologically-consistent species assemblages 

    Mikolajczak, A.; Maréchal, D.; Sanz, T.; Isenmann, M.; Thierion, V.; Luque, Sandra (2015) - Journal article
    Safeguarding biodiversity has been one of the most important issues on the environmental and forest policies agenda since the 1990's. The problem remains in terms of decisions and knowledge on where to set appropriate ...
  • Measuring Dynamic Interaction in Movement Data 

    Long, Jed Andrew; Nelson, Trisalyn A. (2013-02) - Journal article
    The emergence of technologies capable of storing detailed records of object locations has presented scientists and researchers with a wealth of data on object movement. Yet analytical methods for investigating more advanced ...
  • Assessing quality of spatial models using the structural similarity index and posterior predictive checks 

    Robertson, Colin; Long, Jed Andrew; Nathoo, F.S.; Nelson, T.A.; Plouffe, C.C.F. (2014) - Journal article
    Model assessment is one of the most important aspects of statistical analysis. In geographical analysis, models represent spatial processes, where variability in mapped output results from uncertainty in parameter estimates. ...
  • Time geography and wildlife home range delineation 

    Long, J.A.; Nelson, T.A. (2012-02-01) - Journal article
    We introduce a new technique for delineating animal home ranges that is relatively simple and intuitive: the potential path area (PPA) home range. PPA home ranges are based on existing theory from time geography, where an ...
  • Toward a kinetic-based probabilistic time geography 

    Long, Jed Andrew; Nelson, T.A.; Nathoo, F.S. (2014) - Journal article
    Time geography represents a powerful framework for the quantitative analysis of individual movement. Time geography effectively delineates the space–time boundaries of possible individual movement by characterizing movement ...

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