The Department of Modern History offers a range of degree programmes and other study opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students covering the period from the Renaissance (the late 15th century) to the present day.

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Recent Submissions

  • Patterns of recruitment of the Highland regiments of the British Army, 1756-1815 

    MacDonald Carpenter, Stanley Dean (University of St Andrews, 1977) - Thesis
    In the years following the military defeat of Jacobitism in 1746 and the legal destruction of the Highland clan system, the Highlands of Scotland provided many thousands of troops for service in the British army and ...
  • Aspects of English law concerning piracy and privateering, 1603-1760 

    Gane, Toby (University of St Andrews, 1990) - Thesis
    Piracy and privateering are certainly much written about subjects, and there is indeed extensive literature concerning many aspects and facets of the complicated history of the subjects. A glance at the Gosse Collection ...
  • The Times and the women's suffrage movement, 1900-1918 

    Sama, Anita (University of St Andrews, 1975) - Thesis
    The thesis, "The Times and the Women's Suffrage Movement 1900-1918", is aimed at clarifying the paper's treatment of a contentious subject and amplifying the historical data about the movement itself. In order to accomplish ...