The OSC brings together physicists and chemists at the University of St Andrews to undertake collaborative research on remarkable plastic-like materials that can conduct electricity and emit light. Organic materials are an important new class of semiconductors as they combine the virtues of plastics, which can be easily shaped, with those of semiconductors which are the basis of all microelectronics. These novel materials can be used to make lightweight flexible optoelectronic devices such as displays, solar cells and lasers. Established in 2001, the OSC is an interdisciplinary research centre with the principal aim of advancing organic semiconductors towards applications in the semiconductor, electronics and optoelectronics industries.

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Recent Submissions

  • Structure-switching M3L2 Ir(III) coordination cages with photo-isomerising azo-aromatic linkers 

    Oldknow, Samuel; Martir, Diego Rota; Pritchard, Victoria E.; Blitz, Mark A.; Fishwick, Colin W.G.; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Hardie, Michaele J. (2018-11-14) - Journal article
    Cyclotriguaiacylene has been functionalised with 3- or 4-pyridyl-azo-phenyl groups to form a series of molecular hosts with three azobenzene-type groups that exhibit reversible photo-isomerisation. Reaction of the host ...
  • Tailoring the mode-switching dynamics in quantum-dot micropillar lasers via time-delayed optical feedback 

    Holzinger, Steffen; Redlich, Christoph; Lingnau, Benjamin; Schmidt, Marco; von Helversen, Martin; Beyer, Jörn; Schneider, Christian; Kamp, Martin; Höfling, Sven; Lüdge, Kathy; Porte, Xavier; Reitzenstein, Stephan (2018-08-20) - Journal article
    Microlasers are ideal candidates to bring the fascinating variety of nonlinear complex dynamics found in delay-coupled systems to the realm of quantum optics. Particularly attractive is the possibility of tailoring the ...
  • Phosphorescent cationic iridium(III) complexes dynamically bound to cyclodextrin vesicles : applications in live cell imaging 

    Schibilla, Frauke; Holthenrich, Anna; Song, Boyi; Linard Matos, Anna Lívia; Grill, David; Rota Martir, Diego; Gerke, Volker; Zysman-Colman, Eli; Ravoo, Bart Jan (2018-10-28) - Journal article
    We report cationic Ir(III) complexes functionalized with adamantyl groups designed to bind to β-cyclodextrin vesicles (CDV) with high affinity (Ka = 1·106 M-1). The emission of the complexes is tuned by changing the nature ...
  • Ultra-wide coverage VLC system with alignment-free receiver 

    Quintana, Crisanto; Chun, Hyunchae; Mulyawan, Rahmat; Faulkner, Grahame; Collins, Steve; O'Brien, Dominic C.; Xie, Enyuan; McKendry, Jonathan J.D.; Gu, Erdan; Dawson, Martin D.; Manousiadis, Pavlos P.; Vithanage, Dimali A.; Turnbull, Graham A.; Samuel, Ifor D.W. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2018-03-19) - Conference item
    In this work we present an ultra-wide coverage visible light communication (VLC) system based on a mechanical beam steering system at the transmitter terminal and a fluorescent optical concentrator at the receiver. The ...
  • Three-terminal RGB full-color OLED pixels for ultrahigh density displays 

    Fröbel, Markus; Fries, Felix; Schwab, Tobias; Lenk, Simone; Leo, Karl; Gather, Malte C.; Reineke, Sebastian (2018-12-01) - Journal article
    In recent years, the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology has been a rapidly evolving field of research, successfully making the transition to commercial applications such as mobile phones and other small portable ...

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